Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Komikon 2012

I'll be attending Summer Komikon tomorrow, along with my other fellow Oh No! Manga artists for book signing and possibly some on-the-spot sketch commissions as well. :)

I’m pretty excited, considering this will be my second time to attend Komikon as a seller. Only this time, I don’t have to carry my own books to the venue, since the Oh No! Staff will be doing that for me~ ♥ Ahaha, I feel so spoiled. ;u;

I’ll probably roam around the con in the morning and start sketching by lunch. :D I’ll have to leave early though, because I promised Misaki-chan I’ll be spending some time with her that day. :3a We have a lot of girl-talking to do, much to Suoh’s possible annoyance, ahaha~ xD

Did I mention I’m super excited to pick up my sketch from the one and only Elmer Damaso thanks to his contest? *u*;;; I don’t think I can sleep at all tonight, which is what happened last time too. So… YEY COFFEE~ ♥ I need to make sure I’m well caffeinated if I want to do those on-the-spot commissions. >.<;;; Ah… need to get ready!

See you all tomorrow! Be careful on the way there! Traffic and all~ :D

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