Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pocky Game

And now the final version of this commission. :)

Rurik: If you really want some, you can play the pocky game with me.
Katrina: *looks away* Ah, n-no, that’s… ok…
Demyan: Quit it, you cheater!

*>u<*;;; Kyaa-kyaa~ Ahaha~~ xDDD;;; This is probably the cutest thing I’ve drawn so far this year! ♥

I confess, I bought a box of Japanese Pocky (because the one from Thailand doesn’t really taste good) to get into the mood of drawing this piece~ The lettering on the box could be a little more accurate, but I liked how it turned out overall. :3

If anyone would like to commission me, I still have a few slots open. Feel free to message me on Deviant Art or send me an email for inquiries~ ♥ Thank you very much!

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