Saturday, October 24, 2009

A.illusions Gallery: Waiting in 4th Avenue Cafe

A mysterious girl is waiting patiently in 4th Avenue Cafe. Who is this girl and what, or who, is she waiting for?

I changed the colors of the walls because I wanted her to wear a purple dress. 4th Avenue Cafe has purple walls, but I didn't want the character to blend with the background.

I really love using my stock photo for backgrounds. Those bamboo plants were decors from a restaurant my siblings and I ate in. I was bored since they were asking the waitress about some details, so I took that picture while no one was coming in.

Hello Kitty Online: Game Masters

Hello Kitty's birthday is on Halloween, so I thought I'd make some fanart of her MMORPG's Game Masters.

The ones I saw from Level-Up's online interview some time ago are GM Neverender, GM Abby, and GM Bacon (from left to right). Lots of people were mentioning in the chat how pale or "white" GM Bacon was... others said GM Abby was really pretty, and a few more wanted to have GM Neverender's hair as an "item" in the game, haha!

Happy Halloween, everyone~ ♥

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CrossOver: Pearl of the Orient

On September 26, Typhoon Ketsana hit the Philippines and flooded 80% of Manila.

Even now, many homes are still flooded, and many typhoons are predicted to come our way.

Please help the Philippines recover quickly. Click this journal entry to find places that are accepting donations wherever you may be. Thank you!