Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tutorial: How I Draw Anime Screenshots

I’m not very good at teaching how to draw, but here is the step-by-step process of my drawing of Masato. Some knowledge of Photoshop Layers are needed to understand this tutorial though… I hope many of you will understand!

  • STEP 1: SKETCH - I used 2 layers for this sketch. The first was just to see how Masa’s pose would look, then the 2nd layer is for detailing his face. I flipped the image several times to check for errors.
  • STEP 2: INKING - Because I intended to blur Masa’s hand, I only inked up to here in one layer, then used a second layer for the rest. I also changed the ink color of brown and set the layer on “Multiply”.
  • STEP 3: FLAT COLORS - I used a reference for his clothing, so I just used the eye dropper tool for his colors. I use one layer for the hair, another for the skin, and a third for his clothes.
  • STEP 4: SHADOW - Because the ink layer is set to multiply, some of the brown ink will turn black in darker areas, while others remain brown. I blurred the lines and colors/shadows on Masa’s arm at this point. I change the layer modes and use “Multiply” for skin, and “Linear Burn” for hair and clothing. In Linear Burn, I usually use gray colors for shadow, but for Masa’s jacket, I used pink / purple color.
  • STEP 5: HIGHLIGHTS - Since this is meant to look like an anime screenshot, I only added highlights to Masa’s eyes and hair.
  • STEP 6: EFFECTS - I made a new layer and used “Soft Brush” to add the light around Masa. Also added petals then used “Motion Blur” filter on PS to show
    movement, then added a subtitle and signature!

If you guys have any questions, feel free to let me know! I’ll do my best to explain~