Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank you, Chie-san!

I’m probably going to get into a lot of trouble by morning, since I have several other deadlines I should be taking care of-… but anyway!

I’ve been watching Uta no Prince-sama Maji Rabu on Facebook for a while now, and one of the admins, called Chie, is actually living in Japan and posting news about exclusive UtaPri events… in English! Of course, because of that, many of her photos and news are being stolen by other sites without crediting her page.

I know how that feels… Not only are my fan arts often stolen from me, but my other blog, Cosplay Holic, has fallen dramatically in ranks because many people steal my articles too. I’ve completely given up on reporting them all, but I keep the site active anyway because, even now, I still want people to find the cosplayers behind the amazing photos. However, it doesn’t mean that I no longer feel hurt when people steal content from me.

And so, because I have no advice to give in handling situations like these, I wanted to cheer Chie-san up in the only way I can. If I remember correctly, she like Masato the most, so I drew him reaching over to pat Chie-san on the head.

Have a good break, Chie-san… please don’t let the idiots of the fandom get to you.

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