Monday, April 28, 2008

Doujinshi Gallery: The Titanic Curse

This is the first finished page I've ever done for a doujinshi. The idea came from a role play community, with which I asked permission from everyone involved to use the script for a fan comic. Sadly, I've only finished getting the script together. The comic itself is on the back burner, but hopefully, I will have time to finish it in the future.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neko Tenshu

After Hiiragi Keiichi's Usagi Tenshu illustration, I've been itching to draw his brother, Jun. I first thought of giving him rabbit ears too, but a few people suggested otherwise...

A neko version is way too common for bishies. But I only had 2 hours to finish this, and I wanted to use my wacom again... @_@ Wacom deprived and electricity down for the count at the moment...

Small and low-ish quality... quick sketches are always fun. \o/

Texture from Enchanted Gal Stock~!

- kurohiko (dA 2008)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A.illusions Fanart: "Shijirou" by Xenopyro


This is for Kurohiko

Shijirou from A.illusions, her online manga [link]

 I enjoy painting your character Kuro-chan 8D Hope you like it! :heart:

 Shijirou (c) ~kurohiko
Art (c) ~xenopyro

Monday, April 7, 2008

4 of 10 - Iris

iris fan art by kurohiko4 of 10 Free Sketches. This requested by Kairashi. \(≧▽≦)

Well... He seemed really excited that I got back on track and commented in the Jak Sketch so...

I drank too much coffee anyway... What's the harm? ( ´ ▽ ` )

I really like this character of his. I love the colors that he used, so I didn't change much, except that I drew this with my own style, and I added headsets. She seemed like the type of girl who loves music.

Hope minna likes. ( ´ ▽ ` ) I used a pearl canvas pattern on the paper to add some depth into the sketch.

- kurohiko (dA 2008)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

3 of 10 - Jak

jak and daxter fan art by kurohiko3 of 10 Free Sketches: Jak from Jak and Daxter

...I know, I know. I totally forgot I had a list of things to do... And I'M SORRY!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

I have to say... this was the most difficult sketch of the bunch because I have no liking for the character at all! He's not a bishie like my most works and... and...

OH MAI GAH!!! (expression stolen from Jun-kun)
The person who requested this IS NO LONGER ON DEVIANT ART?!

lkjsdfhkasdhflaskhfalhfa!!!!!!!111 Dx

...I suppose it's about time I draw the others... Since this has now become a personal "one giant leap for Kurohiko", I think I should open up a free sketch slot to someone...


Look, it's really a big deal that I even got to draw this guy, k? And yes, unless you fail to notice, I'm quite "upset"..! >E

Anyone interested in a Free Sketch from me can comment here (with their request of course) and MAYBE I'll consider it. Unless you're already on the master list. =/ I won't tolerate shell-fish-ness. >D

- kurohiko (dA 2008)

Sometimes... The Truth Hurts.

onegai my melody fan art - hiiragi keiichi and kurumi nui by kurohiko

The following fanart submitted is ~knuxiechan's fault... Full evidence can be found here. An excerpt can be read below:

Kurumi trembles involuntarily and could not face him. "I'm sorry!" she cried. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to go... so far! Please... don't be mad at me... I really didn't mean to lie to you..."

Hiiragi racks his brain for any coherent thought - luckily for him, hearing My Melo's voice snaps him back to his senses, somewhat...

"... I.."

He turns away and starts to head towards the door.

"I need some time. .. To think."

Kurumi tugs his shirt from behind in an attempt to stop him.

"Hiiragi-sama..." she whispered.

Hiiragi indeed stops but does not turn to face her.

"... Hai?"

"I..." Kurumi begins. She looks down, trying to find the words to say.

"I'm going back to Meriland for a while... To give you some space. But before I leave..."

She takes a deep breath and sighs. "Will you let me... hug you?"

Hiiragi doesn't reply, but doesn't pull away either. Understanding this, Kuromi tugs his shirt gently and moves closer to him, leaning on him ever so slightly.

"Thank you." That was all she could whisper to him.

And he closed his eyes, smiling... "Mn."

sdhjksak!!! Dammit Knuxie, you EVUL WOMAN!!!

- kurohiko (dA 2008)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mango Jam - T.C. 11 page12

mango jam twilight's calling comic page by kurohikoThe "to be continued" page. The details on this page didn't show too well on print. Loved how the mirror of dreams shattered when Twilight realized she may not be the one Sean loves.

Released in Mango Jam #11 on 2007

- kurohiko (dA 2008)

Mango Jam - T.C. 11 page11

mango jam twilight's calling comic page by kurohikoAnother page from that Mango Jam's 11th issue. This was when Miguel broke the news to Twilight that her beloved Sean has asked Cammy to be his date.

Oh drama of heart break. ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦o)

Released in Mango Jam #11 on 2007

- kurohiko (dA 2008)

Mango Jam - T.C. 11 page03

Thought I should upload some of the comic pages I made. There was a lot going on that lead me to take A.illusions on forced haitus. Being my own color artist was one of them.

Enzo just defended Twilight against Kate's stupid verbal abuse. Twilight shows up and lets them know she can stand up for herself.

Released in Mango Jam #11 on 2007

In other news... Deviant Art's Categories are a lot more confusing than what they use to be... *sweatdrop*

- kurohiko (dA 2008)