Friday, June 9, 2006

CrossOver: Mizu no Arrow

This is the spell card I used in our forums. I wanted to make a bunch of these, but I only had one chance to make my move before the thread was shut down...

Maybe I'll still make there "fake cards" when I get the time. ^_^;;;

CrossOver: Lei-Lei Explains

When our forums had the Yu-Gi-Oh! fever, we decided to make our own cards to make things more interesting. I decided that I should use my own webmanga, A.illusions, for my cards.

This trap card forces the opponent to reveal each new card he draws. It was quite effective when I was dueling against Machie-nii~ :3

CrossOver: Kanririn Shijirou

My very own "monster" card for our forum game! I made him both water and spellcaster because that's what he's like in the manga.

You can still see the manga panels peeking from the card's photo. I need to find my old template of this so I can make one for each character., now there's an idea.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

A.illusions Gallery: Megane wa Doko?

I had actually drawn this while I was at work one day... I was an hour early, so I turned on the AC, lights, and made coffee for everyone. Even though I had my cup of coffee, I was still feeling a little sleepy. That prompted me to draw this on scrap paper.

I then sneaked it into the office scanner and colored it... I finished long before boss came and caught me, haha~