Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Art of Pom

I've been thinking about drawing this manga since last year. Although ALAS seems to have been placed on indefinite hiatus, my characters in Celestia are very near and dear to my heart. And when I saw YumYum's character, PomPom, this scenario pretty much popped up in my head!

I really shouldn't be drawing manga when I have more important things to do, but I'm glad this is done and over with. Now I can move on~

Oh, and I don't think I'll be using Google Photos thanks to that number they did in my other blog. In fact, I think I'll just embed photos onto my blog for a while... until they fix that weird error at least. Or maybe move back to Photobucket, I really don't know...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Heroine from Amnesia

主人公 by kurohiko on pixiv

Because Google has been eating my photos lately, I’ll just embed this artwork for now.

I drew the heroine from Amnesia as part of Riikochan’s same pose meme! Not everyone is done with their works yet, but I wanted to finish mine as soon as possible so I can focus on other things!

I’ve been feeling really out of it lately… I think I need to run around more and hatch some pokemon eggs!