Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Butterfly’s Dream

Itsudatte hana wa ue wo muiteru
“Flowers always hold their heads up high.”

I finished this about four days ago, but didn’t have the time to scan and tweek it on photoshop. I have no idea what to do with the background again, so I just… played around with it. :3

The real thing has much brighter and darker (does that even make sense?) colors than this, but it looks much better than the scans I did of traditional pieces before.

I’ve decided that this is Rei Kuassary, inspired by those lovely western clothes from Hakuoki. And that Japanese text is from one of the songs in Uta no Prince-sama by Hijirikawa Masato, “Knocking on the Mind”. I hope you guys like it~ ♥


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  2. i own a similar box of colored pencils, but i can never make something like that!!! ;___; (it's still unopened so maybe i should just sell it, lol)

    i'm inspired!!! and you should draw more of these. make good use of that sketchbook you have.

    i agree the background is kinda random, but it gives more focus on hakuouki rei (with butterfly hilt on sword~!! i just love that~)

    draw more plox~~!!!!

  3. I shall have to practice my colored pencil skills now. :) This is a major inspiration to me!

  4. Misaki: lol ;o; I want to buy a new set... the one with 48 colors or more. ;_;

    ;v; Thank you, the butterfly hilt is my favorite thing about this piece, with the kimono patterns coming a close second. ♥ And you must draw more too~ xD

    Kittara: Good to hear! We color-pencil artists must stick together~ ♥

  5. faber castell has 48 colors? the watercolor colored pencil type?

    i actually have been drawing a bit too. more of doodles and practices. just haven't uploaded them yet... of course, they're not as good as this. but i have finally accepted that at this stage, i need to practice so much much more to make up for the many lost years ~ XD

  6. Nah, just pure color pencils~ I'm not too fond of the watercolor pencils. >:

    I think I've seen 48, if not, then 36. I only have 24, and I'm kinda... using them up. xD My black color is already half-way done, but I've been using this set since I was in college. :3

    You just gotta keep drawing, Misakichan~ ♥ Copying (not tracing) existing works is a good way to improve. :D I've done a lot of those over the years~ and it helped me improve quickly~ ♥

  7. I am reminded of Sakura Taisen when I saw this. Nicely done!

  8. :o Might be the white pants and corvette? ;u; That makes me so happy though, thank you! ♥