Thursday, March 22, 2012

WIP: New Me (or New Rei)?

Inspired by my first color pencil work of the year, I decided it was high time I used that sketchbook I bought in Hong Kong almost 5 years ago. It’s a tiny A5 book that I decided to bring with me on Sundays because trips to the malls are best enjoyed sitting in coffee shops, sketching as the world goes by.

work in progress 2012.03.22 - new avatar

See that stain in the upper left corner of the sketchbook? That would be the evil water that I spilled in my bag last Sunday. I guess it gives this piece an old-look to it, but several pages have the same look thanks to my genius. =A=;;;

I do like how her hair turned out though… still thinking if I’m going to draw a background for this or just add one in photoshop later, but who knows? At this point I just want to finish the character. Is she Rei or is she me? Hrm…

Some people have been asking how I color with color pencils, and my best tip for you is to use layers of color, especially if you’re coloring black. You can see here that the coat is a dark blue-violet sort of deal with black shadows. The pink belt is not just pink: it has a flesh base, added with pink, red-violet, and violet. Even the sword has a rainbow color going on along that blade.

In other words, you gotta have fun with it. If you’re not sure how it will look, then test it out first to see what you get. :D

One last thing… If you’ve placed layers of thick color on to the piece then later decide to change the color, get an electric eraser from Saizen/Daiso. See that blue gadget on the top left? That is a life saver. Pricey, but if you have a heavy hand like me, this will clean up those wrong decisions and tiny missed-colors nicely~ ♥

Yes, the outfit is inspired by Hakuoki. I’m not completely over that fandom yet after all.


  1. Thank you for the coloring tip! :) I have always wondered how people did that with colored pencils... XD

  2. Oh wow. I am so impressed with this!!! I really like your traditional works!!!

    When we will meet (and I'm quite excited already), you will not only dazzle me with your Uta*Pri Music skills, but you also have to enlighten me on how you produce works like this!!! We will smash buttons and doodle the whole day away~!!! XDXDXD

  3. Kittara: you're very welcome. :) I wish I could make a proper tutorial, but I think I do all the wrong things~ xD;;;

    Misakichan: weh? weeeeeh? @o@;;; B-but, I shy drawing in front of other people, lawl. ;u; I gotta admit though, that sounds like a fun day~

    ...there will be snacks though, right? And ice cream. It's no fun without the ice cream. xD

  4. Haha! What color do you put down first? The light or dark colors?

    Aw! Some days I wish I could travel. There are a ton of artists I would like to meet in real life.

  5. Light colors... because you can easily cover us the mistakes with darker ones. :) But when the illustration is beginning to bore me, then I reverse the process to make it more exciting. xD

    Me too... I like watching other people work, but I'm not so sure about people watching me work. ^^;;;

  6. Light colors first, got it! Lol :)

    Self contiousnous about your work? :) that sounds like me too! :)