Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carciphona: Veloce

I’ve been following Carciphona (originally titled “Blackbird”) for years, and I thought it was about time I try my hand at drawing one of my favorite characters~

They say in order to overcome your fear, you must face it head on. For me, green is a color I just don’t know what to do with. If you look at my color pencil set, the greens are the ones that are most unused. In fact, they are almost completely whole while the other colors are on the half to three-quarters mark. @_@;;;

I thought what better way to use them than for Shilin’s character, Veloce~? I think I may have messed up coloring her hair though… Purple and green don’t really go too well, do they? Not to mention yellow and green. Dx What goes well with green anyway?!

…Veloce is glaring at me for messing up her colors, isn’t she? TAT;;; I'm sorry, Veloce! Please don’t kill me!

Oh well, papel~ I learned a lot nonetheless. Everything is drawn by ink and colored with color pencil. The only things added in photoshop were my signature, texts, and the very simple background because I couldn’t decide again what to do with it before scanning.

My lovely sky blues are eaten away again… I probably need to buy a new scanner, but I’m not about to do so any time soon. I should take a photo of the original for comparison purposes.