Thursday, March 1, 2012

WIP: School Run

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m working on a commission for Kittara of her twins hanging out with Tori from A.illusions. Admittedly, when she told me Tori would be “hanging out” with Rurik and Demyan, I was worried, because knowing Tori, he would get the twins into some kind of trouble, one way or the other! =A=;;;

The idea inspired me, however, when Kittara said she liked the idea. And because the three of them had similar outfits, I decided I should give them uniforms. :D

work in progress 2012.02.23 - school run

I sketched all three characters first, but being me, I tend draw the "cool" character before anyone else. So Rurik, being the calmer twin, got his first inks last 23rd of February. His hair is a lot of fun to draw, and I really went all out with the wind-blown look! ♥

work in progress 2012.03.01 - school run

This is what I have so far. Some base colors, some shading, some highlights, even some Tori in preview, but Demyan is still no where in sight! =A=;;; He’s giving me a hard time with his pose, so I might have to do some more sketching later after I take a short break. My eyes are hurting for some reason…

I like the way their uniforms turned out though. I’m a little skeptical with how I positioned the characters, because they’re just running from one side of the frame to another, but I don’t know… Simplicity has its appeal as well. o(^o^)o

I’m glad I have something “happy” to work on… Hakuoki is dangerous to my emotional health. >.>;;; Though that didn’t stop me from drawing Saito in my planner. =A=;;; I’ll scan it once I add some color pencils shades or… something. xD

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