Sunday, September 3, 2006

A.illusions Fanart: "Naka-iPod." by Tori Avalon

"Naka-iPod. Kaso hanggang picture lang.

Since I don't own an iPod (not even a Shuffle!).

But hey, there are other great gadgets out there that's even better yet cheaper than an iPod! ^^;

A.illusions Fanart: "iTori" by Tori Avalon

Now.. It's my turn to have a wallie~ lol

Original drawing again by Rei-nee~ :D

A.illusions Fanart: "iLei" by Tori Avalon

Here's a wallie that I made for Lei-sempai. I used Rei-nee's a.Illusions manga drawing of lei-sempai, and then Adobe's effing Pen Tool to vectorize.

Check out Rei-nee's manga at

My first deviation btw~ :D

A.illusions Gallery: Komikon 2005: Rei Kuassary

My contest entry for Komikon 2005! It was a character contest, but I wasn't able to take home any prizes at all. ^^;;;

I miss my old domain, but there are some things in life are just not meant to be. Good thing I was able to get the Blogspot version, right? xD