Saturday, December 31, 2022

Kurohiko's Art Summary 2022

ありがとう!2023行くぞ!╰⁠(⁠´⁠꒳⁠`⁠ )⁠╯, I guess I fell into vtuber hell last year. I honestly didn't think it was that bad? But uhm, welp? One look at my art summary and it's pretty obvious how bad it actually is.

Either way, this has been one hell of a growth. I've begun drawing my own backgrounds again, and I'm paying attention to the overall mood of each piece. I still have a long way to go, but I'm sincerely happy with how much I've improved.

I hope 2023 will be even better. Thanks, Mister Ovid.

Template from: 佐々本 謹賀新年 @ssmt_turb

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Glitch Error 404

I haven't done animation since collage... Honestly, I don't this this even counts as proper animation since it's only a few frames, and I used the glitch effect from a video editor. (^^;)

Anyway, in case you don't hear from me for a while, that probably means I got yeeted by Mr. Borgman. Let's hope he doesn't see it. (>w<*)

Feel better, Mister Borg.

Friday, December 9, 2022

No Fuu Loaf? Hazukashi!

He said no, so I had to do it, lolol!

This is just a 10 minute sketch, because I was still at the office when I listened to his zatsudan. The original loaf design is by Temmie on Twitter, please look them up!

Now the next question is, should I finish this or not? Hmm...

Legatus Kuro

"A Legatus who prefers classic tech, Kuro uses detachable 'horns' as her only way of accessing the Duoverse. This poses a problem for the Praetores as there is no way to contact Kuro once she's off duty."

My Legatus 505 lore, maybe? (^^;) I'm thinking that if I were to exist in that world, I'd probably still be mostly human. Though it seems like having a throa2 and IIs are basic requirements for living as part of the Legati?

I'd love to be a Legatus, but I'd probably be lazy, lolol!! Like, someone who comes into the office on time, and leaves on time too. And, even though I am in the office, I'd mostly be asleep. The Praetores probably only keep me around because I'm actually good at my work... Something in graphic visuals, or graphic analysis.

Anyway, I found Kyo's hashtag on Twitter to be very interesting, so I decided to try it myself. Honestly, I wasn't sure how much of Fuu-san's outfit I was supposed to copy, but his cybernetic arm is technically part of his body and not an armor or costume, right?

So I decided on gloves instead of the full metal arm. I think it looks pretty cool~ (^^*) It kinda reminds me of Tifa Lockhart's gloves, so yeah, let me be cool in the fictional world, please!

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Inhaling Selenium

I started a "new" job so I haven't been drawing at all lately... I haven't even opened my PC in weeks.

I have been listening to Nijisanji though... And while watching Selen live earlier, I thought I saw Selen's figure?! I really thought she was playing crane machines as a promotional gimmick for her new merch!

I'm a little disappointed it's not her. So let me just quickly sketch her while I eat.

Man, I miss drawing. (。•́︿•̀。)

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Gift: Fulgur Ovid Concert Crowd by Sapere (Twitter)

You guys, look! It's a me! (Q^Q;;) As drawn by @__sapere!

This is my comfysona enjoying Fuu-san's concert last October 16! I didn't really manage to watch it live, unfortunately, but at least my comfysona had a good time.

You can see the whole picture on Sap's Twitter:

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Legatus505: #FulFic - File No. 410170

Trigger Warning: Mild Body Horror
Notes: I haven't written a fan fic in ages, so please excuse my limited vocabulary. Written for Baalloween Prompt Week 2 - "Fear".

It felt as if I was getting struck by lightning. From the top of my head to the tips of my now cybernetic toes, painful shock waves made my entire body spasm involuntarily.

They didn't tell me replacing my arms and legs with cybernets would be this agonizing.

"Phantom pain," the doctor quietly explained to my mother, "it was once thought to be psychological, but we know for a fact that it's very real, originating from the spinal cord and the brain."

"Who cares what it is just help h--!" Help my baby ----!!"

I struggled to hear what they saying above the screams. Who was screaming? Whose voice was that?

...was it mine?

"--- maxed out on pain meds. There is nothing we can do."

I crumpled into a fetal position in the corner of my hospital room. It hurt so much in ways that I could not describe. The ringing in my head was so loud that it was almost deafening. Cold sweat covered the biological parts of my body, drenching my synthetic hair. My IIs couldn't focus long enough to see anything clearly. My hands desperately grasped at my arms and legs as I hugged myself as tight as I could. It was almost enough to-- tear off cynets.

I clenched my teeth. I felt my fingers slowly tightening their grip around my forearms. These weren't my arms. Not really, anyway. They took my arms and legs from me, without so much as a discussion. They merely said, it was something that simply had to be done.

But I thought it was supposed to make me better. Not worse.

Another wave of excruciating pain made my grip even tighter. Just a little more and I could break them. Just a small pull should be enough to disconnect them from my spine. Then maybe, just maybe, I could feel some sort of relief. I just wanted the pain to stop.

Please. Just...


I didn't even notice there was someone else in the room. I could barely see, let alone make out who, or what, it was. I realized later that this... being... was holding my wrists in his hands. I tried to pull away, but he was much stronger than I was.

I screamed at the shadow to let me go. He did not understand this pain. How could he? All I wanted was to be  free; free from this suffering. I pushed, and I pulled, but this steadfast being barely moved. 

So I lunged forward. 

And I bit him.

I bit him somewhere between his neck and left shoulder. I bit as hard as I could, but surprisingly, he didn't even move. He may have gasped in pain for a bit, but he just held me there, quietly, in place. I continued to struggle against him but he held me still.

After what seemed like an eternity, I gave up. I opened my mouth to release the shadow from my failed attempt of an attack. My balled fists slowly opened as I slumped over, sobbing uncontrollably. 

He might have been speaking, but I couldn't understand his words. He must have noticed this, however, because the next thing I knew, he held me in a gentle, but strong embrace and whispered to me. 


I blinked through my tears. The figure knew my name?

"Ovidia, listen to me. Listen to the sound of my voice."

I coughed and tried to quiet down. My throat felt dry, and it was so hard to breathe.

"Yes. Focus on your breathing. You know how to do this. In three times, out three times. Ready?"

In, 1, 2, 3.
Out, 1, 2, 3.

"Now six."

I didn't know why I was doing what I was told. But I did. I struggled to reach that number, but pressed on anyway.

"Good. That's good. Keep going."

I knew this exercise. I knew it by heart. The deeper the breaths that I managed to take, the more the pain seemed to subside. 

"Just relax. You know what to do. Start from the tips of your fingers, to the palms of your hands. Then to your wrists, your forearms, elbows..."

The voice was deep and calming, like a quietly flowing river. It felt spell-binding, hypnotic... 


The pain I once felt was instantly replaced by exhaustion. My body felt limp and heavy. I had forgotten that I had bitten this person, until I tasted the blood on my lips. 

I struggled to speak as my consciousness faded. "Ah... I-I'm... Sor--..."

I did not know if my half-... If my brother had heard me. But I certainly hope he did.

Bonus Epilogue [Legatus POV]:

Her episode finally came to an end. I could feel the tension slowly leave her body as she collapsed in my arms. Phantom pain becomes much easier as time goes on, but for some, it never really goes away.

Who the f*ck thought it was a good idea to do all 4 major operations in one go? Her disease was not even as progressive as mine. Surely they could have waited and scheduled to do this one at a time? Were they afraid that she wouldn't go through with the next operation after the first one was finished?

I glared at the doctor and the other woman from across the room. She kept her blonde hair this time, probably asked for a refund on that duotar as I suggested.


"Legatus." I corrected her.

Despite being visibly upset, she held her tongue. I lifted the now sleeping Ovidia from the floor and carried her to the bed at the center of the room. 

Gelu shouldn't have called me for this. I grumbled to myself, I'm not a social worker.

"And you." I seethed, turning my attention to the doctor, "’First do no harm.’ That is the Hippocratic oath you took. Do your f*cking job or I'll personally see to it that you'll never be able to practice medicine ever again. Is that understood?"

The man in the white coat nodded profusely. I turned on my heel and headed for the door. A Legatus threatening an ordinary citizen? Preator Chroma is going to have field day with this.

A stinging near the left side of neck made me reach for that area with my right hand. My fingers traced the bloody injury where Ovidia had bitten me. Unintentionally, probably, but I'd better deal with this injury myself. Not that I'd wanted to keep Ovida's record clean, but I'd much rather not give the Preator even more things to annoy me with.

"I'm sorry... Oniichan."

Don't call me that, damn it. I'm not-... I'm not your brother.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Fulgur Ovid's Comfy Sheep Pile

2 and half months of working on this chibi sheep pile and I'm finally done!! 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

This was supposed to be a small project. I wanted to draw 1 chibi per day for the month of August, but the pile went from 30 characters to 55.5?! Which is pretty cool when you arrange it as 50(5)(0.5).

Comfydants are too freakin' sweet though? I didn't think the sheepies would like this enough to ask if they could print it. (´;ω ;`) I tried to upload the hi-res file on Twitter, but apparently there's a limit? So I uploaded it in my Ko-fi account for free.

Not gonna lie, comfys telling me they feel the love from my work is making my heart so full that I cry IRL. For real. (╥﹏╥) This community Fuu-san created is amazing. I hope I can stay here forever.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Legatus505: Ovidia

"The silhouette was like a dream. So pale in the glare of the sun that the two seemed as one. So thin it was almost translucent." 
- Legatus505: Chapter 5
My version of Ovidia from Legatus 505. I hope I drew her well. 

*Cough* Must protect. At all costs. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Stargazer (Uki Violeta) Amigurumi Pattern

Xiao Long Bao requested for my Stargazer amigurumi pattern. I've never actually written down my patterns before, so hopefully this works for you guys too!

A Stargazer has 4 parts, the head and 3 round feet. The egg accessory is the most popular version, but Sae has made different accessories for each Noctyx member, so feel free to make your own accessories~

Alright, let's try this, shall we? (^^*)

  • 4 ply yarn (lavender, violet, fuchsia, white, and yellow)
  • Crochet hook (4.25mm)

Head (slightly oval shape):
  • Chain (ch) 3 
  • Round 1 ch 1, increase (inc) 3, single crochet (sc) 1, inc 3, sc 1 [8 stitches]
  • Round 2 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 1} repeat [12 stitches]
  • Round 3 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 2} repeat [16 stitches]
  • Round 4 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 3} repeat [20 stitches]
  • Round 5 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 4} repeat [24 sitches]
  • Rounds 6 - 10 ch 1, sc all around [24 stitches]
  • Round 11 ch 1, {sc 3, decrease (dc) 1} repeat [20 sitches]
  • Round 12 ch 1, {sc 1, dc 1} repeat [15 stitches]
  • Round 13 ch 1, {dc 1} repeat [8 stitches]
  • Stuff and Seal

Face Embroidery
  • Eyes Row 7, 4 stitches apart
  • Mouth Row 8 between the eyes, 2 stitches diagonally
  • Diamond (Third Eye) Rows 4 and 5, 2 stitches apart
  • Blush between Rows 7 & 8, 1 stitch away from eyes
Feets (Make 3)
  • Round 1 Magic Circle, 6 sc [6 stitches]
  • Round 2 ch 1, {inc 1} repeat [12 stitches]
  • Rounds 3 - 4 ch 1, {sc 1} repeat [12 stitches]
  • Round 5 ch 1, {dc 1} [6 stitches]
  • Stuff and Seal
  • Attach underneath the head
Egg Accessory
  • Round 1 Magic Circle, 6 sc [6 stitches] [yellow]
  • Round 2 ch 1, inc 1 [12 stitches] [white]
I hope this works for you guys! Please remember, this is just a rough estimate of the pattern, so you guys might need to free-style a bit to get the shape you want.

Once you've finished, feel free to tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You comment here too!

Have fun guys! I can't wait to see everyone's stargazers! 🔮✨

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

AI: the Somnium Files [YouTube Thumbnail for Fulgur Ovid?]

I really love this game!! From all the games Fuu-san has played so far, this is the one I look for in his schedule. I'm glad he's playing most (if not all) of the routes in this game because I'm certainly not as patient. I always do just one route and that would be the end of it. (^^;)

I was worried that the first version might be too creepy with the diamond shaped iris. Aiba's original form is like that. The normal looking iris feels too plain now since a lot of Noctyx members have heterochromia, lolol!

Well, if Fuu-san decides to use one of these, I'd be very humbled. m(_ _)m It's my first time making a thumbnail for him, and he already has a lot of amazing artists supporting him, so yeah...

We'll see on Thursday I guess. (^^*)

Friday, June 10, 2022

Stargazer Uki Violeta Amigurumi

I found a small ball of lavender colored yarn the other day, so I decided to make a little Stargazer for my desk. (^^*)

This is based on the Official Stargazers Reference Sheet by Hodusae. I couldn't tell if we have 3 or 4 feets, but Adhelheid confirmed we only have 3 feets. (>V<*)

This is the first time I embroidered eyes like this and I think it's cuter than the round crocheted ones. I'll probably use this style more from now on.

Now these babies are live on my desk, right next to my drawing tablet. I think I'm done with making amigurumi for now... Unless I find mmore yarn that I can use for small projects like these.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Legatus505: the Duality of Neon Gods

We ended up with this:

When we started out with these:

I've been meaning to draw Valdie for a while. I wanted to try my hand at using neon colors, but couldn't get the effect right. I'm still not completely satisfied with how this turned out, but I learned a lot along the way.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I've been inspired to work harder on my illustrations lately. One way of doing that is by watching drawing tutorials on YouTube. I've been particularly hooked with Saito-sensei's YouTube channel lately, and I personally think it helps quite a bit. Check him out if you'd like~ I personally recommend his Correction Series.

Anyway! This is my versioncharacter is from Legatus505 Chapter 4: the Neon Gods We Made. Give it a read in Fuu-san's blog, or listen to it on his YouTube video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

KnoVid: A Way Out Parody 2

Not much happening in this page, I guess... but I needed this for pacing purposes. I'm glad Alban has his reference sheet available. It helped a lot when I was drawing in the details... Please LAM-mama, we need Fuu-san's reference sheet too!

Now the bigger question is, when do I get the time to draw the next page. (• ▽ •;)

Saturday, May 21, 2022

KnoVid: A Way Out Parody

Trigger Warning: (manga-styled) Blood

Or that could just be spilled ink, I dunno. (・ัω・ั)

I haven't been drawing manga pages for a long time. This is so satisfying! I'm thinking if I should continue this all the way until the actual death scene or if I should just leave it at that.

Fuu-san and Albanyan have very complicated character designs, so drawing them in manga is quite difficult. Well, if I get more time to draw, I probably won't mind continuing the angst. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Now to find some Ceasar Salad.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Fulgur Ovid Amigurumi

Now I can call him "Fuu-chan"! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

This took about a week to finish, and I kinda wish I made him bigger, but this is a nice portable size for when traveling becomes an option again.

May I show off his heartbeat detail on his left eye?

Here is a ¥100 for comparison. Tiny Fuu-chan is a little under 2 inches high? Legs are about an inch length. I used a special yarn for his hair. It's white, but it has a shiny silver strand weaved into it. I added some black stitching to his cyborg arm too.

I need to remember my eyes are getting old... Making tiny amigurumi is making my eyes hurt. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Nekopara: Catboys Paradise x Nijisanji EN

This took so long to finish, but it looks so pretty!! ( ;∀;) I'm so happy it's done!!

For those who haven't seen it yet, Mika Melatika did a collab stream with Sonny Brisko, Mysta Rias, Ike Eveland, and Alban Knox. She played Nekopara: Catboys Paradise with Nina Kosaka while the boys voice acted Sage, Laurier, Fennel, and Dill.

It was so perfect... It made me so happy!!

Sonny, Sonny, Sonny!! (人*´∀`)。*゚+ your Sage is so TSKR!! Also when you did the bookseller's voice and it kinda sounded like Vox... I'm so amazed with how many different voices you can do~ I hope we can see Sage's route in the future!

Albanyan, thank you for your version of Dill! You're so adorable, and you made Dill even more adorable, TSKR TSKR!! I'm sorry I drew you a little smaller than everyone else... It's just for this piece, I promise~

Mysta, even though you were making a lot of jokes when you were reading your lines, damn... Whenever you got serious, TSKR, TSKR!! I'd love to hear you read Laurier's route~

Ike, thank you for your version of Fennel!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I loved every single minute! The casting choice was absolutely perfect! TSKR TSKR TSKR!! and we know, you love your caviar more than tuna.

Now I'm off to work~ Have a nice day every nyan! (*´ω`*)

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Holostars: Miyabi Hanasaki

Soraille did a quick sketch on Twitter today... I managed to snatch a slot and got a tiny bunny Fuu-chan!! He's so, so, SO CUTE. I'M DYING FROM CUTE-!!

And in return, she asked for Miyabi from Holostars. I haven't drawn in pencil for so long, this just looks messy to me. (・o・;)  I keep looking for the ctrl+Z keys, but they don't have it IRL.

This turned out really cute though... I kinda wanna finish it digitally. Maybe after I finish my current commissions and WIPs...

Thursday, April 28, 2022


Belated happy birthday, Milord! I'm terribly sorry that I'm late, but I did visit your birthday stream... And I'd imagine you had slept very soundly after that, so I drew this~

Thank you for being born in this world. We love you~ and we wish for your happiness for as long as you live. ( ◜‿◝ )♡

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Legatus505: the Fruit of Knowledge

"Are these all real?"

"Why wouldn't they be real?"

Legatus505: Chapter 3 - Parasocial in Stockholm

I drew this as a pair with Iris... I initially wanted to take my time with it, but Fulgur announced a Zatsudan stream later, so!

(• ▽ •;) I sketched and finished this in less than 8 hours. What is sleep? (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

I hope he'll be surprised later! But it's okay if he doesn't see it in time, I'm cutting it super close! Also, I found an interesting brush for painting and used it to color the apple. It looks more realistic than the rest of the piece, and that makes it more eye-catching, no?

I'm going to take a nap... I've lost so much sleep already. ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

Friday, April 15, 2022

Vox's Sleep ASMR

I was saving this for Vox's birthday, but his karaoke was just.... it was so good. You could tell he put a lot of effort into that, and practically laid bare his emotions... Especially when he sang "Hurt". That really got to me. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

Congratulations, Milord! That was an incredible stream! Here is my humble offering from your sleep ASMR, with a little Onigiri on your arm.

The pink feather-haired character is my version of the Kindred. I wanted to make them look androgynous, but I'll probably draw other versions of Kindred some day too. The earring is on the left ear instead of the right, because I think it's supposed to mean the Kindred belong to someone... In this case, to Milord.

He mentioned in the ASMR stream that he was sitting in his chair with his duvet. If I remember correctly, he let us hear his heartbeat on our right ear.

So that's the story behind this drawing. (*﹏*;) Please enjoy~

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Legatus505: the Last Straw

"The straw that broke The Sheep's resolve."

Legatus505: Interim 2

I have been staring at this illustration for days. And whenever I work on something for that long, I tend to overthink and add too many elements and then tire myself out.

Hopefully, this still looks okay? I honestly don't know anymore, but I'm pretty happy with how this looks overall. ( ╹▽╹ )

Back to work for this busy bee! 

Monday, April 11, 2022


Happy birthday, my beautiful boy! I'm sorry I used one of my photographs for your background this year, but I do hope you come home in Shining Live anyway.

Thank you for bringing so much joy in my life. I'll keep getting stronger so that I'll make you proud. I love you~

Monday, April 4, 2022

Legatus 505: Iris Park

"We didn't have things like this in my time you know. You need to treasure it."
- Legatus 505 - Iris Park

I was warned that this novel was going to be dark, but I didn't think there was going to be so many questions left unanswered.

I have my own theories on the real identity of Iris Park, but they're just that - theories. I'm really hoping and praying we get some answers in the future, but well... She might remain a mystery forever, and that might not be so bad either.

Anyway, I've been coloring in soft pastels for so long that I'd forgotten how to paint darker scenes. This still didn't come out as dark as I'd like it, but the color of the apple pops out quite a bit.

I need to stop thinking about Iris and get some actual work done, lol~

Friday, April 1, 2022

Happy Birthday, Zenny!

보고싶다 자기야 - Jagiya, I miss you so much. Whenever I notice that I'm feeling depressed, you're always the first character that comes to mind.

When life got so hard, I just told myself I was acting.
All this struggle is only practice. It’s just like practicing in a run down studio before a big show. I comforted myself like that, and it worked.
Try thinking that when things get hard for you. Right now, you’re just back stage. Soon, the curtains will open just for you.

I did take a leap of faith though. It is partially because of you that I had the courage to do that. I feel so proud, and I wish I could somehow tell you this in person.

Happy birthday, Jagiya... After all these years, I still love you so dearly. ♡

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Shu Yamino Unleashed

Alright, I'm going to stop nitpicking on this because now I'm behind with doing the actual work that I need to do. (*﹏*;)

I've had this scene in my head for a while now... I imagine Shu being very protective of everyone in Luxiem, but especially so to Ike. I was going to make them both look like they had been beaten down, but it might look too disturbing... The red tears can be interpreted as Shu's eyeshadow running instead of blood after all, so this is fine? Maybe?

Time to get some food then go to work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

UtaPri Shining Live: Three Kings

Oh wow, I finally finished this! I'm so proud?! (〒﹏〒)

If you play Shining Live, you'll probably recognize the costumes as last year's birthday cards. I don't know what shoes they're wearing, so I gave Ranmaru and Masato their boots from Legend Star.

No, this is not Team MRR, these three were the first Kings who came home with just one or two pulls. I managed to get a few more later, but I guess I thought only these three would come home. (*´ω`*)

Anyway, time for sleep! Happy White Day!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Studying with Vox

That was a very interesting stream.

I've never heard about the Pomodoro technique. But Vox used it on his study stream today and I thought I'd play along.

In the first 3 sessions, I managed to get some actual work done. So much so that I am now ahead of my schedule, and I even managed to squeeze in a personal piece. By the fourth and final session, I decided to try and make something for Professor Akuma and fully immersed myself into the "student in study hall" experience.

Yes, this is exactly how the pages of my notebooks often looked like when I was a student. Lots of pencil art everywhere. I often got teased for it and got into trouble with my teachers, but it helps me concentrate so I kept doodling anyway.

This entire page was done in 25 minutes. I added the layout and edited some text colors for another 5 minutes and left it at that. And please, don't mind the horrible poetry or the written notes, they are all just mindless scribbles.

I may need to download this stream and use it every day for the rest of my life. (ㆁωㆁ) (Or be more practical and find other ASMR Pomodoro streams that are not as distracting, I don't know~)

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Legatus 505: Ater Corvus

I think I might really get into the lore of Legatus 505. I've been interested in stories like Ghost in the Shell and the Matrix, so a live reading of a cyberpunk novel? Count me in.

Not really a "shonen" version like Legatus described, but this was the best that I could come up with~ (*´ω`*)

Off to bed now.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Milord, Vox Akuma~

So... I seem to have accidentally fell into a rabbit hole of sorts.

Vox Akuma fan art by Kurohiko

This Vtuber, Vox Akuma's voice is as smooth as velvety cream. Like my god, such a voice should be illegal. Illegal! It does help me concentrate to listen to him in the background while I work, but oh goodness me.

His new ASMR streams are also very yabai. Ya. Bai. YABAI. World, you have been warned.

//prepares for said yabai stream tomorrow~

Tuesday, February 15, 2022



Happy birthday, my spicy marmalade boy~ I love you in a way that almost rivals a certain redhead. May you always be sexy and happy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

#yuyuhakushoredraw - Youko Kurama

#yuyuhakushoredraw - youko kurama by kurohiko

I saw #yuyuhakushoredraw on Twitter and decided to join the bandwagon despite being incredibly late to the party. (๑•﹏•)

youko kurama original screenshot

Of course I had to draw Youko, who else would it be? ♡(≧▽≦)♡

These redraws are quite satisfying. As someone who's been having a ton of self-doubt lately, this is very therapeutic. I'm happy that I'm finally able to focus on commissions again, albeit very slowly, but progress is still progress.

However, I am losing sleep in the process, so goodnight for now, and Happy Lunar New Year. ヾ(*’ω’*)/ May the pandemic finally end this year!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Crystal Shadows Collaboration with Cheesy Fit

This piece has been sitting on my PC since March 2020. I really live how this came out, and now I keep wondering why I stopped drawing this series.

...oh right. Life happened. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I'm not really sure what's going to happen to these two, but once things settle down, maybe I can tell their story again. For now, check out Cheesy Fit on Facebook!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

#sailormoonredraw - Sailor Venus version

I've always wanted to do this version of Sailor Venus. Incidentally, this redraw pretty much sums up the beginning of my new year.

January started by letting me know my motherboard was fried and that this type of MoBo is now fairly obsolete. This means all of my commissions had to be put on hold while my nephew tries to locate a new MoBo.

A few days later, I came down with a sore throat... at the time when my city began having a lot of CoVid cases.

Thankfully, I wasn't very sick. But for many reasons, isolating at home can be very stressful. I'm grateful that it's finally over and that I have my PC back..!

Belated happy new year, everyone! While the pandemic still ravages the world, please remember to always wear your mask and wash your hands.