Friday, December 9, 2022

Legatus Kuro

"A Legatus who prefers classic tech, Kuro uses detachable 'horns' as her only way of accessing the Duoverse. This poses a problem for the Praetores as there is no way to contact Kuro once she's off duty."

My Legatus 505 lore, maybe? (^^;) I'm thinking that if I were to exist in that world, I'd probably still be mostly human. Though it seems like having a throa2 and IIs are basic requirements for living as part of the Legati?

I'd love to be a Legatus, but I'd probably be lazy, lolol!! Like, someone who comes into the office on time, and leaves on time too. And, even though I am in the office, I'd mostly be asleep. The Praetores probably only keep me around because I'm actually good at my work... Something in graphic visuals, or graphic analysis.

Anyway, I found Kyo's hashtag on Twitter to be very interesting, so I decided to try it myself. Honestly, I wasn't sure how much of Fuu-san's outfit I was supposed to copy, but his cybernetic arm is technically part of his body and not an armor or costume, right?

So I decided on gloves instead of the full metal arm. I think it looks pretty cool~ (^^*) It kinda reminds me of Tifa Lockhart's gloves, so yeah, let me be cool in the fictional world, please!

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