Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WIP: A.I. Otome Game

a.illusions - khyleOk, ok, so it's not really an otome game… But with my current obsession of Uta☆Pri, it makes me wonder… could I actually make a “maiden game” out of my characters?

Probably not. For one thing, I’ve never played an otome game before, so I’m not sure how it works. For another, there’s the storyline problem as well as the programming. @_@;;; Those are a lot of problems for one “me” to solve!

So what is this illustration for then?

It’s supposed to be something for Valentines’ Day. However, judging by the amount of work I need to finish, as well as the number of bishounen’s I’m planning for the final illustration, I might not make it…

I’m pretty much finished with coloring Khyle, but the background is something I added haphazardly just so that this work in progress thumbnail doesn’t have a white background. @o@;;;

Definitely need to finish the entire piece by February though… otherwise, I probably won’t finish them at all! =A=;;; You know me and my patience… it’s literally paper-thin!

Ah, it’s morning now… I wonder when (if at all) will I be able to sleep normally again?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Uta☆Pri: Gambatte ne?

Before you read the real story behind this fan art, please do let me know what you think is happening in this scene~ I’d love to hear feedback from everyone, thanks~ ♥

Incidentally, I’ve been playing Uta no Prince-sama Music on my PSP. My frustrated musician side is insatiable at this point, because I want to take up both the piano and violin thanks to all these mind-blowing songs! Though I suppose becoming an idol would be nice too, but that's impossible so…

In any case, Uta☆Pri: Music has a bunch of voiced, “otome game”-like scenes, and my Japanese is poor at best, so I went looking for translations on the internet. Lo and behold, the wonderful works of Bread Master Lee! Not all of the scenes are translated, but you’ll find a lot of material there that you won’t find anywhere else~ >w<;;;

It amused me when it came to Bread Master Lee’s efforts in unlocking the otome scenes. She actually got her husband to play with her, because the Orion de Shout Out is impossible in Pro Mode. I haven’t gone that far yet, so I can’t confirm this… However, her efforts gave me a cute idea for a fan art of Natsuki, so here you go! Have a Haruka unable to finish Natsuki’s Pro mode, with Natsuki deciding to help her by manning the left half of her PSP.

This is dedicated to Bread Master Lee and her husband~ I hope you guys like it! ♥ Sorry, I know you currently have a purple PSP that has a Tokiya sticker on it… Let’s just say you were borrowing mine? xD

Friday, January 13, 2012

Uta☆Pri: Haruka x Masato?

What a depressing and gloomy artwork to the start the new year with, dear goodness gracious~ >.>;;; But ah, Hijirikawa-san, you really stole my heart. ;_; How you could be so serious and yet…

…of all the boys I had to fall for, it had to be the one with the strangest haircut. ;x; Maybe he reminds me of Hiiragi-sama? But no, the serious violinists are Syo and Natsuki! (Although Natsuki prefers Viola now? Not sure about that part yet.)

I need to learn Japanese so I can play otome games! Ah wait, I don’t really have time to play anymore do I? ;_; And Masato, what are you saying to Haruka anyway?! I want to know! ;o;

This was supposed to be a really quick sketch for a break from all that paneling… but it looks like I spent too much time on it again, as usual. Sigh… More sleepless nights for me.

EDIT: PFFT! Ok, Misaki-chan wins:

It's like he's in much pain, saying, "Why can't you be mine?"
And Haruka tearfully replies with, "I can't stand your hair..."

xD Yeah...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Karma: Chapter 2: Epilogue 4

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Hello again! Happy New Year! The mangaka forgot that January 1, 2012 was a Sunday, and so she forgot to update her website again! ;o; So pitiful!

So here we are with the 4th page of the epilogue! I have to admit, the term “head slap” game from Gibbs of NCIS. I remember him saying something like… “A slap on the face is an insult. A slap on (the back of) the head is a wake up call.” Shijirou needed to snap Tori out of his monologue, and before I knew it, there were chibis on the middle of the page I was drawing on! xD

Speaking of another kind of page, I’ve decided to make a Facebook Page for kurohiko.com’s 1st year anniversary! :D Now people will have an alternative means of getting my feeds whenever the site is updated!

Thank you so much for everyone’s continuous support on my webcomic endeavors! I will continue to do my best as we approach the year of the dragon! Everyone stay happy and healthy, alright? Go, go, fight, fight!