Friday, January 27, 2012

Uta☆Pri: Gambatte ne?

Before you read the real story behind this fan art, please do let me know what you think is happening in this scene~ I’d love to hear feedback from everyone, thanks~ ♥

Incidentally, I’ve been playing Uta no Prince-sama Music on my PSP. My frustrated musician side is insatiable at this point, because I want to take up both the piano and violin thanks to all these mind-blowing songs! Though I suppose becoming an idol would be nice too, but that's impossible so…

In any case, Uta☆Pri: Music has a bunch of voiced, “otome game”-like scenes, and my Japanese is poor at best, so I went looking for translations on the internet. Lo and behold, the wonderful works of Bread Master Lee! Not all of the scenes are translated, but you’ll find a lot of material there that you won’t find anywhere else~ >w<;;;

It amused me when it came to Bread Master Lee’s efforts in unlocking the otome scenes. She actually got her husband to play with her, because the Orion de Shout Out is impossible in Pro Mode. I haven’t gone that far yet, so I can’t confirm this… However, her efforts gave me a cute idea for a fan art of Natsuki, so here you go! Have a Haruka unable to finish Natsuki’s Pro mode, with Natsuki deciding to help her by manning the left half of her PSP.

This is dedicated to Bread Master Lee and her husband~ I hope you guys like it! ♥ Sorry, I know you currently have a purple PSP that has a Tokiya sticker on it… Let’s just say you were borrowing mine? xD


  1. omg this is so cute, why didn't I see this earlier xDDDDD

    Thank you! (๑´ლ`๑)♡

  2. Awww this is SO cute. Not just the fanart, but also that you made a fanart for this lovable (and hilarious) story~

  3. Hinano: You're most welcome~ I'm glad you like it~ ♥

    エリ: xD I couldn't resist... it would appear that I can't get UtaPri out of my head. =w=;;;