Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Started with Something Trivial…

Last night, I was pulling an all-nighter for Mist while listening to ChiChi and GiGi's “Top 10 Definitions of Horror” Podcast. At around 4am, I remembered Chico saying something about being on air at 4am on a Saturday, so I decided to turn the radio on and post a tweet…

cokho7: anyone know the music chichi and gigi used for the @rxtmr's halloween horror special? would love to hear the entire thing! >.<;;;

Chico was the only one on air, but he read my message and said he would try to look for it. That was really exciting because he’s never read my messages or tweets before! He was telling people to send in their requests because… I guess it was too early! He sounded so sleepy!

cokho7: @chicogarcia please play patrick stumps' this city for my fellow artists who will participate in komikon indie tiangge. go pinoy komikeros!

Funny thing was, Chico forgot where he put my message! So he played it saying “Someone requested this- you know who you are!” and only read my tweet when the song ended. It was so cool~ And I hope a lot of Komikon artists heard it and share my sentiments about the Philippines. :3

The only thing was, Chico kept thinking I was a guy. Probably because he has an avid listener named “Coco” who is a boy?

In any case, Gino finally came on the air and I remembered… Gino is a gamer! He would probably be interested in anime too!

cokho7: 2 more panels to go! but i think i need to sleep now. good night twitter! thanks for the awesome music @rxtmr~ gigi! visit komikon please!

I didn’t think that was going to get read on the air, but it did! And in the exact words of Gino, “You tell me when it is right now!”

Apparently, Gino was deprived of going to cons when he was in the States and it was one thing that he regrets. Note that this was already around… 7 in the morning? And I’ve been up all night… but who can say no to GiGi and s/he’s this demanding?

cokho7: @ginoboi komikon is on nov19 at the bayanihan center, 10am-7pm. and please tell chichi i'm a girl, not a "he" ;~; @rxtmr

xD;;; I had to correct Chico by then, because he sounded really confused on how to address me! So does this mean we’re going to have a certified, hot DJ, who’s man enough to call himself a girl? (I swear, that statement only makes if you listen to The Morning Rush.)

…well, probably not. Someone in the booth said that November 19 was a Sunday, so Gino immediately said he couldn’t go. Otherwise, he knew where the Bayanihan Center was and even mentioned it was by Pioneer and that he was really close by.

But then that got me thinking… maybe if enough artists bugged him to go, he would! I for one, would love to meet him, and wouldn’t mind giving him a copy of my indie~ So rally up, fellow artists! You have the links to their tweets, so tweet away to Gino and encourage him to visit us at Komikon! We may not compare to the huge cons in the USA or Japan, but we love what we do, and we’re all awesome, friendly people who only bite when asked! I’m kidding, I’m kidding~! xD;;;

It’s a silly dream of mine to see the DJs I love so much, but hey, as they say, dreaming is free of charge~ Thanks again to Chico for keeping me company during my all-nighter with some awesome music~ It got me through the night~ ♥

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Test Printing: 1, 2, 3, and 4!

With Komikon only a little more than a month away, I decided to try and print a few pages early just to see how I’ll go about screen toning the pages for the actual indie. I used Azorite’s panel from page 19 of the webcomic for my test:

karma: chapter 2 - test print of azorite

…well, you can’t really see the differences with my camera phone, but the first two were bitmaps using different frequencies (70 and 90 at 300dpi); the third one was done using the halftone filter in photoshop; and the last is the regular gray tones I used for the webcomic version.

Strangely enough the halftone filter works best for this print size, and I’m surprised that the font was just the right size! All I need to do now is to arrange the pages and Karma: Chapter 2 should be ready for the xerox machines! xD

Funny thing though, just when I began printing these last night, my printer decided to die on me. I spent the entire night trying to fix it, and finally had to go to the repair shop this morning. I’ve slept a total of 3 hours in the last 48 hours and spent P600 on printer repair, but seeing this makes me really happy and excited! x3

…now I need to get my lazy self to work on Mist before my deadline kills me. x.x;;;

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mist: Virtuoso

I keep forgetting to post this now that I have approval! Sorry about that, guys! I’ve been busy trying to prepare for Komikon on the 19th of November, as well as planning more pages for Mist! We’re on Page 2 now, so please visit us when you can!

This illustration made me experiment on making my own brush for the butterfly effect, and honestly? Wow… I should have tried to make my own brushes earlier! It would have saved me a lot of time and effort in detailing pages!

Oh well, I guess with time, we learn~ :3 Hope you guys like the illustration!

And by the way? The piano is based on the piano we have in our living room. It was a gift from my grandfather to my older siblings~ ♥ I wish I had met him… so here’s to you, gua kong! I hope you are in peace~ :3

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mist Launch and Virtuoso WIP

Mist, the new webcomic I'm working on, has officially launched!

…a couple of days ago. What kind of artist am I? Missing my own launch… You see? This is why people shouldn’t hire me. >.>;;; I mean, no, please hire me..! Lawl… ;u;

I have a little something that I wanted to go with the first page, but thanks to the tropical storms we’ve been having lately, I only have time to work on… well, work! So here’s a sneak peek on the latest Mist illustration:

Yes, we’re actually going to have an official soundtrack to go with the comic! But no, sorry guys, I’m not going to be the one singing~ because I'd scare people that way-! That’ll be Emily’s job, and she has a beautiful voice, so please watch out for it!

Ok, I’m behind schedule on everything, so I’ll have to cut it short here~ :3 See you guys real soon!