Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mist: Virtuoso

I keep forgetting to post this now that I have approval! Sorry about that, guys! I’ve been busy trying to prepare for Komikon on the 19th of November, as well as planning more pages for Mist! We’re on Page 2 now, so please visit us when you can!

This illustration made me experiment on making my own brush for the butterfly effect, and honestly? Wow… I should have tried to make my own brushes earlier! It would have saved me a lot of time and effort in detailing pages!

Oh well, I guess with time, we learn~ :3 Hope you guys like the illustration!

And by the way? The piano is based on the piano we have in our living room. It was a gift from my grandfather to my older siblings~ ♥ I wish I had met him… so here’s to you, gua kong! I hope you are in peace~ :3


  1. Lol! You know, you're right..! I think you look more like Relena than your character now, Tiffy~ ♥