Saturday, June 25, 2022

Stargazer (Uki Violeta) Amigurumi Pattern

Xiao Long Bao requested for my Stargazer amigurumi pattern. I've never actually written down my patterns before, so hopefully this works for you guys too!

A Stargazer has 4 parts, the head and 3 round feet. The egg accessory is the most popular version, but Sae has made different accessories for each Noctyx member, so feel free to make your own accessories~

Alright, let's try this, shall we? (^^*)

  • 4 ply yarn (lavender, violet, fuchsia, white, and yellow)
  • Crochet hook (4.25mm)

Head (slightly oval shape):
  • Chain (ch) 3 
  • Round 1 ch 1, increase (inc) 3, single crochet (sc) 1, inc 3, sc 1 [8 stitches]
  • Round 2 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 1} repeat [12 stitches]
  • Round 3 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 2} repeat [16 stitches]
  • Round 4 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 3} repeat [20 stitches]
  • Round 5 ch 1, {inc 1, sc 4} repeat [24 sitches]
  • Rounds 6 - 10 ch 1, sc all around [24 stitches]
  • Round 11 ch 1, {sc 3, decrease (dc) 1} repeat [20 sitches]
  • Round 12 ch 1, {sc 1, dc 1} repeat [15 stitches]
  • Round 13 ch 1, {dc 1} repeat [8 stitches]
  • Stuff and Seal

Face Embroidery
  • Eyes Row 7, 4 stitches apart
  • Mouth Row 8 between the eyes, 2 stitches diagonally
  • Diamond (Third Eye) Rows 4 and 5, 2 stitches apart
  • Blush between Rows 7 & 8, 1 stitch away from eyes
Feets (Make 3)
  • Round 1 Magic Circle, 6 sc [6 stitches]
  • Round 2 ch 1, {inc 1} repeat [12 stitches]
  • Rounds 3 - 4 ch 1, {sc 1} repeat [12 stitches]
  • Round 5 ch 1, {dc 1} [6 stitches]
  • Stuff and Seal
  • Attach underneath the head
Egg Accessory
  • Round 1 Magic Circle, 6 sc [6 stitches] [yellow]
  • Round 2 ch 1, inc 1 [12 stitches] [white]
I hope this works for you guys! Please remember, this is just a rough estimate of the pattern, so you guys might need to free-style a bit to get the shape you want.

Once you've finished, feel free to tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You comment here too!

Have fun guys! I can't wait to see everyone's stargazers! 🔮✨

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

AI: the Somnium Files [YouTube Thumbnail for Fulgur Ovid?]

I really love this game!! From all the games Fuu-san has played so far, this is the one I look for in his schedule. I'm glad he's playing most (if not all) of the routes in this game because I'm certainly not as patient. I always do just one route and that would be the end of it. (^^;)

I was worried that the first version might be too creepy with the diamond shaped iris. Aiba's original form is like that. The normal looking iris feels too plain now since a lot of Noctyx members have heterochromia, lolol!

Well, if Fuu-san decides to use one of these, I'd be very humbled. m(_ _)m It's my first time making a thumbnail for him, and he already has a lot of amazing artists supporting him, so yeah...

We'll see on Thursday I guess. (^^*)

Friday, June 10, 2022

Stargazer Uki Violeta Amigurumi

I found a small ball of lavender colored yarn the other day, so I decided to make a little Stargazer for my desk. (^^*)

This is based on the Official Stargazers Reference Sheet by Hodusae. I couldn't tell if we have 3 or 4 feets, but Adhelheid confirmed we only have 3 feets. (>V<*)

This is the first time I embroidered eyes like this and I think it's cuter than the round crocheted ones. I'll probably use this style more from now on.

Now these babies are live on my desk, right next to my drawing tablet. I think I'm done with making amigurumi for now... Unless I find mmore yarn that I can use for small projects like these.