Wednesday, June 22, 2022

AI: the Somnium Files [YouTube Thumbnail for Fulgur Ovid?]

I really love this game!! From all the games Fuu-san has played so far, this is the one I look for in his schedule. I'm glad he's playing most (if not all) of the routes in this game because I'm certainly not as patient. I always do just one route and that would be the end of it. (^^;)

I was worried that the first version might be too creepy with the diamond shaped iris. Aiba's original form is like that. The normal looking iris feels too plain now since a lot of Noctyx members have heterochromia, lolol!

Well, if Fuu-san decides to use one of these, I'd be very humbled. m(_ _)m It's my first time making a thumbnail for him, and he already has a lot of amazing artists supporting him, so yeah...

We'll see on Thursday I guess. (^^*)

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