Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love is Sweet

This is a long overdue artwork I wanted to make for Dai. She gave me a pair of butterfly earrings last Christmas, and I wanted to at least draw her something… because I’m currently broke at the moment. ;_;

If you’re a fan of the Ritsuka x Soubi pairing in Loveless, then please think of this as Ritsuka with long hair, or Ritsuka female version or something like that. ;_; Just don’t kill me please.

Lyrics from Super Junior M’s song, 幸福微甜 / “Love is Sweet”. Thanks to Tomomi Kazuko for the translations!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Did I End Up Falling For You?

I somehow always end up liking the pairing that never end up together.

For Vampire Knight, I was a Kaname x Yuuki fan from the very beginning. The anime ended up with them nicely, but the manga is currently making me cringe. With Yuuki as the grim reaper of pure bloods and Kaname currently killing off several powerful vampires, I’m afraid that Yuuki will stop him by killing him.

Of course, Zero x Yuuki fans will probably be delighted with that news, but I wish there wasn’t a lot of pair-bashing going around. :(

If this prediction of mine rings true, it makes me sad and happy at the same time. Kaname has suffered through enough with two lifetimes, so I think he deserves his eternal rest.

The words are from DBSK’s どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?or "Why did I end up falling for you?"; a good theme for this pair, I think. Kaname will always love Yuuki even though she will never completely love him back.

Thanks to DBSKer for the lyric translation! ♥

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A.illusions Character: Shijirou

And here’s the Dictator himself, Shijirou of A.illusions!

I had a little fun with the belt on his trench coat. I don’t know why I keep drawing him in this pose because my first character profile illustration of him was quite similar. You can find that in the gallery.

Oh, and you guys might be interested in winning an Ipad, so read up on the instructions and good luck!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A.illusions Character: Tori Avalon

I've been thinking about how I was going to tackle the characters section with the new site’s features. Old readers have probably caught a glimpse of the profiles for A.illusions’ Eri-hime and Karma’s Dominic Hunter, but I didn’t want to use the same format for the new site. It took too long to finish each illustration anyway, so I would’ve ended up finishing the manga long before the site was completely up and running!

The art needed for this layout style doesn’t take too much time, so I can work on the manga at the same time I work on the profiles. It’s an old layout design we never got to use for Anime Illusions, and with Tori as the site architect, I just had to use him as my guinea pig! I hope he doesn’t mind. xD

Are the colors too bright and shiny? Please do let me know what you think so I can work on the rest! :3