Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love is Sweet

This is a long overdue artwork I wanted to make for Dai. She gave me a pair of butterfly earrings last Christmas, and I wanted to at least draw her something… because I’m currently broke at the moment. ;_;

If you’re a fan of the Ritsuka x Soubi pairing in Loveless, then please think of this as Ritsuka with long hair, or Ritsuka female version or something like that. ;_; Just don’t kill me please.

Lyrics from Super Junior M’s song, 幸福微甜 / “Love is Sweet”. Thanks to Tomomi Kazuko for the translations!


  1. It's a crossover between Loveless and Onegai My Melody. :3

  2. Nope, that's the title of the song I used for the subtitles.

    The blond guy is Agatsuma Soubi from Loveless, while the dark haired girl with cat ears is Kuromi / Kurumi Nui from Onegai My Melody. :)

  3. yes .... and what the name of the anime? .-.
    could you tell me?
    please *---*'

  4. There is no anime, Yume-chan... I drew this myself, wishing there was an anime for this couple, but they are from two different series... Loveless and Onegai My Melody. ^^;

  5. Think of it this way... People like to draw fanarts of Ichigo from "Bleach" battling with Naruto from "Naruto", right? This is the same, only the characters are from "Onegai My Melody" and "Loveless". ^_^

  6. Ah now I understand *-----*
    I thought cool .... wish I was able to watch anime *---*
    Parabens are a great job ^^

  7. If this became an actual anime, I'd be very happy. ^_^ I'm glad you like my work, thank you~!