Thursday, June 13, 2024

Legatus505: Moira Bilis

legatus505 fan art moira bilis by kurohiko

"And why, pray tell, would a rich kid end up in this part of the Republic, Legatus?"

Legatus505: Chapter 6 - the Lost Boys

I... I've never drawn anything like this before..? I never had to search up lingerie designs either, but I hope this turned out okay?

I don't know how to draw a middle aged woman though, that much seems pretty obvious. But Fuu-san liked it, so I guess it's okay. (^^*)

You know, I've drawn a lots of pieces for many different people before, but it's always a nice feeling when that person appreciates your work. Not just the simple "thank you", which is fine, but it's different when someone points out the little details you worked on. It's really nice.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Gift: Legatus - Operation Fake Waves

Anke on Twitter

Look at how cool this is? Anke says they picked the murder hobos from the list of comfys they collected. I'm a murder hobo! Yes I am!!

Anyway, Anke made a music video that they posted on Twitter. They used YOYOROCK's "Operation Fake Waves" as inspiration. Please check it out!

Please make sure to give Anke lots and lots of love! They make so much artwork for the sheep pile, it's insane!! I hope I'll get to draw a lot more this year as well.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Legatus505: Acer Phelps

legatus505 fan art acer phelps by kurohiko

"Acer Phelps, you have passed your self-evaluation."

Legatus505: Chapter 6 - the Lost Boys

I almost gave up on this illustration. My aunt and uncle bought be a Samsung tablet for my birthday, and I downloaded HiPaint to learn drawing on it... The app decided to corrupt my file. Twice.

The only saving grace was the app had a backup. So I extracted the file and redrew the entire thing on Ibis Paint.

I'm glad I stuck with it though, because this got featured in the Legatus505 blog! Yipee!! Hopefully this will encourage me to draw more, because I really do enjoy drawing... I just haven't been motivated lately.

Wish me luck!

Friday, May 31, 2024

Fulgur Ovid's Sheep Pile

fulgur ovid's sheep pile

New Twitter Header! Thank you to everyone who provided their Sheepsona on #SheepPile and to my amazing mod team for putting this together. I'm going to need to expand it horizontally to fit everyone in, but I guess that means we'll need another cyborg in the picture soon

Fulgur Ovid on Twitter

This is probably one of the biggest collaborations I've ever got to participate in. I'm so happy~

Can you find the little purple sheep holding a tiny Fuu Pape?