Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mote-Mote: Page 14

This page has been sitting on my hard drive since last year..! Argh… it’s funny how I have to update the copyright on the bottom right from 2010 to 2011! ~_~;;; But for those you thought I was done with Mote-Mote, here is the latest update!

The party Kurumi Nui (Kuromi) mentions is the one that occurred during the first season of Onegai My Melody. She ran off because the spell she casted on herself was wearing off, and if she didn’t get back on time, she would turn into the appearance she hated most, and that was a Baku! Haha~! ♥

I have 3 manga’s that I’m working on right now… I wonder if I should finish Mote-Mote first before I continue with A.illusions? Mote-Mote’s almost at the end after all, so… hm…

For new readers, head on over to the Manga Page to read the entire webcomic~ ♥

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tai Yang Bing

Because my brother-in-law is a relative of the Lin Family, I get to have the original, delicious Tai Yang Bing (太陽餅) or "Suncake" whenever he and my sister go to Taiwan. I wanted to show them my appreciation, and my brother-in-law suggested that I paint something for them.

I originally planned to draw something intricate with details that will blow my mind and break my fingertips, but when I showed my sister and brother-in-law the concept sketches, my sister was rather forward about me doing this instead of the other. –_-;;; It wasn’t even a real concept or anything, I was just bored waiting for them to decide.

I’ve never actually been to Taichung, so I’ve never tried these pastries fresh, but I do adore Tai Yang Bing~ I will need to pay them a visit one day and thank them in person. :3a

In any case, I took pictures while I was working on this watercolor painting (on canvas, which was a stupid thing to do), so here are the work in progress shots:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A.illusions: Page 76

I needed something to celebrate my birthday with, so today I decided that it was a day for doing what I loved best: drawing manga~!

I’ve changed the font from Comic Sans to Wild Words. It looks more… “professional” to me, and I hope you guys think the improvement is good too!

And did you notice the page is slightly bigger? :D I’m thinking I should change the sizes of my old pages too… but then again? I wonder if people still read this series? xD;;;

Oh well, if you’re a new reader, please look up the old pages here. :3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas for Kurohiko

I received an additional fan art for my Christmas Art Trade Event from Ever Vicious Yuna. Unfortunately, she didn’t make the deadline before the art trades closed, so she won’t be eligible for the trade. She still has a chance to appear in my indie though! I hope that’s consolation enough…

It was still sweet of her to still work on this piece so diligently! Thank you so much! I love how Eri turned out here!

In any case, just to let you guys know, I was able to fix the followers widget on the right hand side of the site. ^^ It was apparently a common problem, and honestly, I didn’t know how it was fixed. All I did was restart the layout from scratch, so people who had similar bugs might want to try doing the same thing.

Some people may have noticed the gallery was not working a few days ago, but it should be fixed now. Let me know if you guys have trouble with anything!