Sunday, May 24, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Tigress Song of Dreams

One of the first few curses that hit Uta was the Circus curse. She became a half-tigress, half-girl who could not really speak and did not remember much her life as a normal girl. When Mokona spoke to her though, she began to realize that the "dreams" she had being a normal girl was real.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Turnabout Café

When Uta entered the City, she was determined to show that she was mature and responsible because she wanted her senpai to be proud of her... and not think of her to be a nuisance or something horrible like that. So she got a job in Turnabout Café as a waitress, as per a friend's recommendation.

There are two versions because I think the one on the left suits her more than the one on the right, but the color scheme on the right is more like the café's style. It worked out well for the term "turnabout" though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Onegai My Rozen Maiden Melody

onegai my melody, rozen maiden fan art by kurohiko

I don't think I'll be drawing ruffles again any time soon...

This is the cast of Onegai My Melody, dressed up as Rozen Maiden dolls. A friend of mine sent a fanart similar to this with Uta as Shinku, Koto as Suiseiseki, and My Melody as Hinaichigo. It was amusing, so I decided to expand on the idea and draw all 8 dolls.

Character Explanations (left to right):

Kuromi "Kurumi Nui" as Suigintou
Both Kuromi and Suigintou are the villains in their respective series. They also have a similar style in dressing... Gothic Lolita.

Hiiragi Keiichi as Barasuishou
I didn't have enough girls in the starter cast... Hiiragi seemed a lot like Barasuishou because they are both "fake". Barasuishou is a fake Rozen Maiden and Hiiragi portrays himself as being kind and gentlemanly while he was truly cold and distant. This is only true for the first and partially the second season though.

Yumeno Uta as Shinku
Mainly, the hairstyles are similar. Both are also the main characters of their respective series.

Sakurazuka Miki as Kanaria
Canonically, Miki plays the flute, not the violin. However, their personalities are somewhat similar... As mean as it sounds, they both have the tendency to be airheads. (I realize that Kanaria hair pin is suppose to be on her left, but it looked better to be on Miki's right.)

Yumeno Koto as Hinaichigo
The youngest in the cast, with childish personalities... that would best describe Koto and Hinaichigo. The good thing about them is that they are selfless and willing to do anything for their friends.

Yumeno Kanade as Suiseiseki
Perhaps Kanade is not as moe as Suiseiseki, but Kanade does look a lot like Suiseiseki. They also have the same bossy attitudes.

Fujisaki Mana as Souseiseki
Tomboyish in nature, but still 100% girly. Besides, Mana would kill me if I put her in a dress..!

Hiiragi Jun as Kirakishou
Little is known about Kirakishou, but I thought it would be appropriate for Jun to match Hiiragi... Barasuishou is the fake version of Kirakishou, but I don't think the same is true for the Hiiragi brothers.

The characters were drawn separately on my sketchpad, and the background was drawn on Photoshop, with reference. The scene behind the window is a photo from my previous trip to Hong Kong.

Anyway, hope you guys like it~ ❤

- kurohiko (dA 2009)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doujinshi Gallery: Mote-Mote

A concept title page for "Mote-Mote" or "Lady's Man". The doujinshi is about Hiiragi's dilemma on falling in love with 2 very different girls. Sadly, he ended up with either one of them in the original series.