Thursday, June 13, 2024

Legatus505: Moira Bilis

legatus505 fan art moira bilis by kurohiko

"And why, pray tell, would a rich kid end up in this part of the Republic, Legatus?"

Legatus505: Chapter 6 - the Lost Boys

I... I've never drawn anything like this before..? I never had to search up lingerie designs either, but I hope this turned out okay?

I don't know how to draw a middle aged woman though, that much seems pretty obvious. But Fuu-san liked it, so I guess it's okay. (^^*)

You know, I've drawn a lots of pieces for many different people before, but it's always a nice feeling when that person appreciates your work. Not just the simple "thank you", which is fine, but it's different when someone points out the little details you worked on. It's really nice.

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