Would you like to commission me?
I accept payments through PayPal.
Feel free to contact me via email:

Full Body Commissions

  • Lineart: US$30
  • Monochrome: US$35
  • Color: US$40

  • 3/4 Commissions

  • Lineart: US$25
  • Monochrome: US$30
  • Full Color: US$35

  • Half Body Commissions

  • Lineart: US$20
  • Monochrome: $25
  • Full Color: $30

  • Chibi Commissions

  • Lineart: US$10
  • Monochrome: US$12
  • Full Color: US$15

  • Faux Screenshot Commission

  • Full Color: US$20 (1000 pixels wide only)

  • R U L E S
    1. I reserve the right to post commissions on my websites (only cropped or smaller sized versions with a larger watermark). 
    2. Sketching will begin only after the commission has given a down payment of 50% (PAYPAL ONLY). 
    3. Please give at least 7 days before issuing a follow-up. 
    4. Corrections will only be entertained during sketching/penciling stage. 
    5. The final artwork in its highest resolution will be emailed to the commissioner in JPEG format (unless requested otherwise). 
    6. No hentai, yaoi, or yuri. 
    7. Allowing the artist a bit of leeway in style is preferred. 
    8. Backgrounds will be minimal. If BGs are specified, additional charges will be added. 
    9. Additional character(s) per order will be charged half the price (eg. 2 full body characters in full color will cost $60). 
     If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or email me. Thanks, guys!