Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mystic Messenger: ZEN

Everyone seems to have gotten the Mystic Messenger fever… yours truly included! I’ve completed nearly 100% of all chats in my first run, so you can guess how much sleep I’ve lost in 11 days!

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like Zen in the first few days of the game. He’s such a narcissist! And I happen to know someone like him and I really, really hate him!!! But then, I somehow ended up with this character, and he began to to open up more and more. There’s a deeper reason for his narcissism, and he turned out to be quite sincere and adorable!

But what hit me the most was a phone call… somewhere on the 6th day I think. He asked if anything unfair had ever happened to me, and one of the options was about not getting the job I want. He proceeded to take my side, saying the company didn’t know my worth. And then he shared his own struggle…
When life got so hard, I just told myself I was acting. 
All this struggle is only practice. It’s just like practicing in a run down studio before a big show. I comforted myself like that, and it worked. 
Try thinking that when things get hard for you. Right now, you’re just back stage. Soon, the curtains will open just for you. 
I literally ended up sitting there, crying at a pre-recorded message of a fictional character in love with the heroine of a game. I know that message is not for me specifically, but after struggling for an entire year, it was the perfect set of words at the perfect time. All the pressure, all the hurt, all the sadness; everything was acknowledged by a fictional character!

And just like that, I decided to start again. Nothing will happen if I just sit here, I will make my own way now… I will no longer be afraid.

I will work hard and start again. Yes, Zen, you're right. Back then, I was just practicing. Right now, I'm back stage, and soon, the curtains will rise just for me.

Thank you... I will wait patiently for that day.