Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mist Launch and Virtuoso WIP

Mist, the new webcomic I'm working on, has officially launched!

…a couple of days ago. What kind of artist am I? Missing my own launch… You see? This is why people shouldn’t hire me. >.>;;; I mean, no, please hire me..! Lawl… ;u;

I have a little something that I wanted to go with the first page, but thanks to the tropical storms we’ve been having lately, I only have time to work on… well, work! So here’s a sneak peek on the latest Mist illustration:

Yes, we’re actually going to have an official soundtrack to go with the comic! But no, sorry guys, I’m not going to be the one singing~ because I'd scare people that way-! That’ll be Emily’s job, and she has a beautiful voice, so please watch out for it!

Ok, I’m behind schedule on everything, so I’ll have to cut it short here~ :3 See you guys real soon!

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