Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That Komikon Staff Meeting…

So there I was, getting lost at the Boni MRT Station, trying to figure out how to get to the Bayanihan Center (without looking like an newbie), and time was running out! It was already 9:15 am, and we were asked to arrive at 9:00 am!

Thankfully, I figured out how to get to Robinsons Pioneer (no thanks to the guard, mind you) and rode a trike to the center. Manong was quite helpful in pointing out where I should go, and it turned out I was sharing the trike with 2 other Komikon participants… one of which was Kubori Kikiam’s Michael David. @o@;;; I think he was carrying a package full of his books when we entered the room, but that’s just me speculating.

inside the komikon meeting at the bayanihan center

Well, never mind that awkward moment. When I entered the room? It was full of people! Oh dear gracious, I was worried about what happened in the 30 minutes that already passed from the start of the meeting but… it didn’t look as if it started at all!

I settled at the back of the room, near the door, and took a quick snapshot of the people inside. Somehow, they all looked like veterans, and I was the only greenhorn panting in the corner. ;o;

The organizer, Jon Zamar, gave out the indie IDs and the guy beside him with the red shirt (who also looks familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it) gave me the guidelines and map.

komikon id

…and that was it. Seriously. orz;;; They basically told us we could go home after that.

It was… kinda overwhelming? I thought I was about to receive the greatest secret Komikon has kept for the past 6 conventions! Like where the secret ninjas are hiding while we set up the booth, or which Samurai class will be on duty that day, or which aswang we should watch out for!

But alas… All I got was an ID and map. The real meeting was for the sponsors and exhibitors only. ;_;

Oh well, I can tell you where to find me during the convention. I was placed near the stage, and I’ll be table-mates with Section Six Comics and Ernest Fiestan of Crazy Metro. W-why am I paired up with Komikon veterans?! @_@;;; There’s no way I can be on par with these guys! ;; S-sob…

And to top it off? I recently found out author of WIP Comics is a friend of Renka-chan’s. He’s going to be on table 13, very close to my table. I’m just doomed, aren’t I? xD;;;

And of course the bigger question: Should I wear a skirt or pants for this event? Hrm…

EDIT: ....omg, GAIS! I was pretty sure that was Michael David, but he just commented that he wasn't in the meeting! So that was either a doppelganger or a certified mumu! I told you Komikon has some secret underworld agents!!! xox;;; Ho noes...


  1. I have no guts to do such a thing. ;_;

  2. so where is it going to be held?

  3. At the Bayanihan Center in Pasig! :D Here's a map:


  4. Hindi yata ako yung nakasabay mo sa trike (wala kasi ako nung meeting) :0

    - David

  5. That looks amazing <3 Good luck! You'll do great!

  6. Michael: ..........WHOOPS! Eh-eh-eh, sino yun??? Kamukha niyo eh! Wah... Doppelganger???

    May mumu talaga sa Komikon???

    Tiffy: Thank you~ <3 I really hope it will turn out ok. Then I can plan my next indie with Renka-chan! <3

  7. It was fun seeing you there at Komikon and enjoyed reading your comics Columbz! I find it intriguing and want to know more about Karma, the second chapter. Oh and I sent you the pictures via email. :)

  8. Thanks Jazimus for dropping by! <3 It was really great seeing you too~~

    Thanks also for the photos! I checked my phone and I didn't even have 5 photos from the event. ;_; How sad...