Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mote-Mote: Page 17

And now we have come to the conclusion of Mote-Mote! Thank you so much for supporting this series! It was one heck of a ride, with dangerous procrastination levels that would have equaled to style-changes in between pages! @_@;;;

But is this really the end? Personally, I would love to draw more of Baku’s human form. Maybe he would meet up with Kuromi after she leaves the school?

In any case, is anyone interested in getting the copy-bon form of this series? As I’d expected, Mote-Mote didn’t sell very well in Komikon because not a lot of people know about this anime. ^^;;; But this is ok! Komikon was still quite an experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

So anyway, my sister is going the USA this December. This means I can ship stuff to the US (and possibly Canada) from the US! I’ve already got 4 packed away and ready. :D Although I still need to find out how much it will cost for shipping, the book itself is only US$1.50. ^_^

Feel free to comment or email me and let me know! Thanks guys! ♥


  1. Yes, it's reserved. xD My sis is coming home tonight, so I'll ask her about my eful plan later. >3