Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 7th Philippine Komikon: Aftermath

Now that I’ve recovered from the post-con virus (aka. the flu), I can write up something about my first Komikon experience as an independent comic book vendor. :)

7th philippine komikon 2011 - kurohiko price list

My day started rather early… as in the night before early. I wasn’t really able to sleep much, because I was worrying about forgetting to bring something important. So I checked and re-checked both bags and kept imagining how I was going to set up my table step-by-step. By 7:30 am, I still haven’t slept a wink, but it was too late then. I had to get going.

Commuting with almost 90 books in your backpack and a rolled-up tarpaulin under one arm is tough enough as it is. Try doing it in a fully-packed train and it’ll make you think about driving a car even if you’re dead scared of driving. =_=;;;

7th philippine komikon 2011 - table space for kurohiko

I got the venue at 9:00 am sharp, which was the required time for us to be there and start setting things up. Surprisingly, it only took me 15 minutes get my table a rather shocking-looking red. I got Jaz to thank for the overall design. We spoke on the phone a few nights before, and she suggested the tarpaulin and color. ♥ But it was my nephew who designed that Manga stand. It's handmade, with styrofoam, illustration board, and a super secret ingredient at the bottom. We're not telling what it is. :p

Well, finishing my set up meant I had time to roam around the event long before it started. My first priority was to get my latest issue of Pasig, which Joannah ever so kindly reserved for me~ :3 I missed Taga-ilog, but gave her the free copy of Karma anyway. :D She gave me a copy of Curtains for Hire as trade (which, oh dear gracious, I think I’m hooked. This is so bad for my wallet!). And I say trade, because neither of us allowed the other to pay for each other’s books. <--- wait, did that make sense? xD

Next, I ran off to see Sir Memer, the creator of Cat’s Trail.I got my first issue of CT signed, and I also gave him a free copy of Karma as “payment” for… something. @_@;;; I refuse to speak of it. x.x;;;

Too bad there was no new issue, but Angel Mei was there! I finally got to meet her~ and I think she liked my work. ♥ Got her signature too, so my 1st issue of CT just doubled in value. >:3 Mwehehe~

I got a free mini bookmark of Butler that I need to get laminated. :D Definitely gonna carry that around in my planner or books~ He is just the cutest thing, ok? ;_; But maybe I should have gotten Polaris? Ah… I should have bought the stickers! >.<;;;

Anyway, I got back to my table and Ian from Mangaholix passed by to get his reserved copy of Soul Dice. He apparently knew me, but-but… I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t know him before Renka-chan told me about him! @_@;;; Good job, me!

Finally, the event began! Almost immediately, people who passed by made a bee-line for Soul Dice. I think it’s thanks to Renka-chan that I got to sell my books too. ;u; It was quite a battle so to speak. Sometimes, people would look at the books and buy, other times, they wouldn’t. I wish those who didn’t would comment as to why. Was it the price? The art? Just not their thing? @o@;;;

7th philippine komikon 2011 - free mini cards from kurohiko

The mini-cards Jaz suggested was a hit though. There were 39 designs in all, some of them pointing to, others to Most of the designs were various chibis I made before, and people really did take them even though they were so small!

Next time though? I’ll print them on sticker paper. :)

Since it was a slow morning, I skipped out for 2 minutes to get a copy of Girl Gamer Girlfriend. xD I’m sorry, but I love this series so much even though I don’t play RO! Maybe because Romel is a bishie? Enjelia signed it too! And now that I’ve read it? The Tagalog version is so much funnier! xD Haha~

This is what I love about cons. =u=;;; I get to meet my idols! Even though I don’t say anything to them. ;_; Haha…

By noon, I had only sold a few copies. Which made me worry about carrying everything back home! Thankfully, my former officemate, Lani, came to the rescue. Well, my rescue in the literal sense, because I then realized, I was starving! Awkwardly, I asked Ernest of Crazy Metro to watch my table for me while I grabbed a bite to eat. He’s my table-mate but I hardly even noticed that he already had lunch?! When did that happen?

Lani grabbed copies of all three books before we had a casual lunch and talked about Twilight. xD Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like or hate the series, but I can’t stand it! Lani can’t stand it either, so we just had a good time nit-picking at the series, hehe~ ♥

Wrong timing for me to step out though. Nicole passed by while I was eating! I was waiting for her to come, but she only had a few minutes so she grabbed the books from Ernest and ran off. @o@;;; I’m so sorry! I hope will get to meet you next time!

After lunch was when it got crazy. Really crazy! There was a sudden surge of people! I think I made most of my sales from 1-3pm!

Speaking of sales, Renka-chan’s parents were also there to buy her books. Renka-chan’s parents. Wah! @_@;;; I wasn’t very good with my Fuukien, but I did my best to greet them and talk to… auntie, because uncle kept disappearing for some reason. xD;;; It was so much fun though, because while we were talking, there was video camera and when auntie noticed it, she was really posing and showing of Renka-chan’s work! xD;;; It was just the cutest thing!

Oh yeah, I got to sell my first sketch commission during the event! I was going to sell an original sketch of Aly, but I kinda changed my mind after. @_@;;; Anyway! I forgot the girl’s name, but she asked commissions from practically everyone in the event! I wonder what she’s going to do with all those drawings? I’m really curious to know!

7th philippine komikon 2011 - sketch commission by kurohiko

I’m a little sad I wasn’t able to add more details to this though. I had to take care of my table while I sketched in between. I wasn’t able to finish Martin’s request either, because people kept pouring in and asking a lot about me, my work, and Renka-chan’s work.

Things slowed down again by 4:00 pm. John was making rounds to ask the Indie participants to tally their sales and pay the 10% fee for the committee. Eh? Why so early? I thought the event would end at 7pm! But then, I noticed people were leaving already.

Skar then appeared with 30-something copies of Ibato Mo! He looked so tired and rushed! And how sad that I was only able to sell as few of his books. ;_; I really felt terrible about it! Maybe I need a better sales pitch, like Salmon Comics. Now those girls can really sell! They sold out before the event ended! I need to pick up some tips from them. ;u;

Jaz came by near closing time and helped me out in my table. Thanks to her, I was able to go around the con one more time and got to buy Trese’s “Santelmo” print. I was afraid I’d be too late and all the copies would be gone since it was closing time, but I managed to snag print number 113 of 1300. I would have chosen 111, but the print was damaged slightly. :(

7th philippine komikon 2011 - tese print santelmo

Sir Budjette wasn’t around, but luck upon luck, Sir KaJo was! As soon as I got my print signed, I raced back to my table and grabbed a copy of Karma to give him. I was pretty embarrassed giving him my book, but he accepted and even asked for my autograph.

Two of my idols asked for my autograph that day. I was on a high. I hope they all like my work! >.<;;;

It was around 6:00 pm when Jaz told me to pack it up and leave with her. xD;;; I would have stayed ‘til 7:00 pm, but Chris, another old officemate and fellow indie vendor too, was also leaving and he looked like he needed sleep! (Wasn’t I the one who didn’t sleep the night before? Why did I still have so much energy?!) Well, I gave copies of my work to Ernest to thank him for watching my space, and off home Jaz, Chris, and I went! :3

I did feel tired by the time I was calling my brother to pick me up though. Probably because the train ride back home was even fuller than the morning ride! I got squished!!! ;x;

Anyway, when they picked me up, my cousin was there, and they wanted to have dinner together… I declined and said I really needed to sleep. So I went straight home, had a little dinner, and… well, I didn’t even feel the pillow hit my head. @_@;;;

7th philippine komikon - my haul: sige mag-shota kayo ng babaeng gamer, cat's trail, pasig, ibato mo, curtains for hire, ang mahiwagang mundo ng anato, and komikon catalogue

Overall? What an experience. I wasn’t able to sell everything, but I earned back almost all of what I spent. I don’t think I regret anything, aside from not taking enough photos of the event. Then again, when you’re a vendor, you hardly have the time!

Would I do it again? Definitely. Just… probably not as soon as Summer Komikon. Unless I hit my head and forgot how tiring this was. xD;;; More power, Komikon! More power… Thanks RTMoratin and Kixmachina for dropping by! x3

By the way, remember that incident about me sharing a trike with Michael David to the Komikon meeting? When I think about it, I really didn’t see him in the meeting, even though I saw him walk into the Bayanihan Center. I went to see him at Komikon, and dear gracious, I’m even more sure it was him that day! But how could that be when he didn’t attend the meeting?!

…I think I’m going to bed now. I hope I can sleep.