Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home from the 7th Komikon

Every single muscle in my body aches from having to carry books, tarpaulin, a custom magazine stand (made by my darling nephew), cloth, and many miscellaneous important items to and from the Komikon… but right now, I don’t even care if I wasn’t able to earn back the money I spent for making the indies…

I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

It was sheer joy that I got to meet my idols again. Elmer Damaso, Taga-ilog, Michael David (geh! I forgot to give him a copy of my indie!), Kajo, and even Enjelia Villanueva! Wah~! Thank you for putting up with my crazy fangirling! ;_;

I will write something better tomorrow when I finally get some sleep (I didn’t sleep the night before). For now, here is a wallpaper of the art that debuted in the indie today. :)

Thank you guys, for coming to visit me today! I hope you enjoyed the free mini card (which was supposed to be a sticker actually), and thank you for all the kind words! For now, I need to find and use some “phoenix down” before I collapse. ♥


  1. Er... Otsukare..! At least, I think that's how you're suppose to answer that phrase? Maybe? @_@;;;