Monday, November 14, 2011

The Indies are Ready for Komikon 2011!

I was actually going to update about what I had to go through in preparing the original print outs for xeroxing, but this is much more exciting news~ ♥

karma 2 and mote-mote independent manga

I have in my possession, all 30 copies of Karma 2, Mote-Mote, and Renka-chan’s “Soul Dice”! They’re cut, stapled, and ready to be sold at Komikon this coming November 19!

Although I’m disappointed that I can’t splurge a little for colored covers, this will be a good “test run” for my first convention as a seller. >.<;;; Besides, black and white Mote-Mote turned out pretty well~

inside pages of karma 2

There’s a sneak peak into the Epilogue available in the independent manga. International readers don’t need to fret, because I will probably post these pages on site some day… not right away though, because I want to give the Komikon people their exclusivity. And speaking of exclusive, this Komikon version of Karma will replace all Japanese “Rei-nee”s and “Tori-nii”s with their Tagalog equivalent, “Ate Rei” and “Kuya Tori”!

soul dice

Soul Dice's cover will not be in the catalogue given out at the Komikon, unfortunately, but with Lan looking so cute, I'm betting people will be fighting just to get this manga~ ♥ I’m now wondering if it was a good idea to just print 30 pieces of this book… but then again, I can only carry so much in my backpack. @_@;;;

soul dice inside page

This is one of my complaints about the xeroxing. >.>;;; What is with those blurred edges??? I thought the xerox machine would be able to cut it off cleanly, but apparently not! If I do sell these again, I will need to modify the original copies so that it will turn out better next time!

The other complaint? The sketches I added are not all clear! Some turned out alright, others didn't. ;_; S-sob... More modifications for next time, for sure!

Either way though, I got these exactly one week before Komikon starts. Not bad, considering I’m releasing 2 books and working on Mist. T-then again, Mist is late this week, so I’m wondering… if joining Komikon will cost me my job. >.>;;; Wah! I hope not! ;~;

Ok, I really need to sleep. I’ve had this flu all week long, and working so hard is really not healthy. @~@;;; Good night guys! See you at Komikon! *^_^*


  1. yaaaay!! btw, next time, try laser prints instead of photocopies! might be the same or just a little more expensive, but i think you'll get better results.

    good luck this saturday! i'll try to drop by :)

  2. Tori: Ooohh~ Which shop is laser printing available? :D

    And yes, drop by! AI peeps will be givn a special discount~ But you need to do your Haruhi Dance first! xD

    Aly:, bagay sa avatar mo yung comment mo. xDDD

  3. hello~ uh, about the xerox copies... you should try laser copiers, they're much better. the toner is made of powder unlike xerox machines. one brand i know is Kyocera.

  4. Hi there! Welcome to my blog/webcomic thingie!

    Do you mean laser printing with an actual printer? I mean... I thought printing comic pages by xeroxing would be cheaper compared to printing them through a printer. @o@;;;

  5. its not a printer but a laser copier using powder as toner. ung xerox is analogue, liquid toner ang gamit. dito sa amin minsan P1.50 per copy, meron din P2.00.

  6. Oh! Ok~ gets! I will have to take a look around and canvas some more! The xerox cost me P1.75 / A4, so I'm hoping to lower the price for the next Komikon that I attend.

    Thanks so much for the tip~~ <3