Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kurohiko's ART SUMMARY 2015

It’s time for my annual art summary! And for this year we have…

KARMA: Chapter 3 – Epilogue (unpublished); My Facebook Boyfirned… for REAL?! Novel #5; My Facebook Boyfriend… for REAL?! Manga Adaptation #2; CELESTIA #1; Trese Fan Art; CELESTIA #2 (unpublished); *Secret Project* (unpublished)

I’ve drawn the most number of manga pages this year than any other year of my career! I consider that as an accomplishment since I draw so slowly…

For 2016, I want to learn how to let go of not being able to draw too much detail, and to not draw perfectly, so I can be faster. I know I check and double check way too many times, which slows down progress overall! I blame it on my OCD with hair and faces and anatomy and everything else!

Although there is a bit of improvement with my speed, I need to be even faster! I know the clock is ticking away at my career, especially considering my current circumstances… but I think if my speed improves, I can keep drawing for another year or two!

I want to draw Crystal Shadows again too… It was supposed to be a short series, but these long hiatuses are turning it into a long running one!

Anyway, thank you everyone for your continued support! I will keep doing my best and improve a lot more next year! See you again in 2016!

P.S. This is my Facebook Page’s banner again too! Please visit me there as well! Thank you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Prince Lumawig of Celestia

Ah… if only one of my series would become an anime… that would be a dream come true!

Anyway, this is a quick color of one of the panels of Celestia: Chapter 2. ALAS Book 2 will be out very soon, so I thought you guys might want a little sneak peek~!

I’m not completely sure about the color of Lumawig’s eyes and hair beads, but this will do for now. He does look very prince-like in this pale lavender color though~

Can you guess who said that line in the subtitle? Definitely not Lumawig, because he’s mute!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gift: CELESTIA - Claire Angela Legaspi by Suoh12

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been updating lately! I’ve been so busy with work and life~ Which is actually good news for those who are living in the Philippines! It means more books are most definitely coming your way! Please continue to support us once they are out!

Anyway, I received this lovely fan art of Claire Angela Lee from Suoh12! Not only is he an amazing assistant, but he’s a great artist too, so please be sure to support him on Facebook!

During times when I’m about ready to throw in the towel, I always look through the fan arts I received and that gives me a lot of encouragement to continue! So thank you once again to everyone for giving me your support! I promise I will continue to do my best in drawing and writing stories! ‘Til next time!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

TRESE Fan Art: Ang Halimuyak ng Sampaguita

Ah… I’ve made it? Maybe? I hope?

Trese is making an art book full of artworks by many different artists, and I decided to join in on the fun! However, Sir Budjette and Sir Kajo will be judging the entries and I’m so nervous that I seriously can’t even think straight! I feel like this artwork may have too much or too little details… or maybe the concept is way too simple, or that the characters just look too weird in my style!

When I’m in over my head, I need to just stop. Stop working on it, add whatever finishing touches I can, and hope for the best. There are so many talented artists out there, and Power-J said he will submit something too, so… I better stop worrying about it and hit the send button already!

Ah… Good luck to all… *sobs*

PS. …wow, ok, Alex looks so different the first time I drew her..! *cries more*

Sunday, September 13, 2015


psicom's alas bimonthly manga anthology - spade variant - kurohiko's celestia

PSICOM Publishing Inc. presents... ALAS Bi-Monthly Manga Anthology!

Kurohiko will be representing the Spade variant of the 4 Artists of ALAS with her series entitled, CELESTIA.

Story synopsis:
Humans can't fly... unless they're on a plane. But they can't fly on their own, right? That's what Fine Arts Student, Claire Angela Legaspi thought so too, until she found herself on top of Quezon City Memorial Shrine! How did she get there and, more importantly, why are two beautiful boys following her?!

ALAS will debut at the Manila International Book Fair 2015! I’ll be there on September 18 for a short book signing event from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

See you soon! (^^*)