Monday, March 25, 2024

You Raise Me Up [#FulgurGotCake]

Story time! Last November 2023, I proposed to the Comfy Book Club that I wanted to draw their comfysonas "singing" with Fuu-san. He had a Karaoke stream and sang "You Raise Me Up", and it made me think that, "well, you raise us up too, Fuu-san".

The members of the Comfy Book Club also thought the same way. From what was a simple artwork project grew to a full music video where several members and artist lent me their time and talents. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and what was supposed to be a Christmas present kept getting delayed. Worse, things began falling apart and I did an emergency Sheepport project, which went pretty well considering how chaotic everything was.

you raise me up by kurohiko

I honestly did not think I could finish this, but the Comfy Book Club members kept encouraging me and offering to help. I drew everytime I could catch a 30 minute break, and studied how to do effects on video editing in the week leading up to Fuu'd birthday. Rein even came up with doing silhouette teasers to hype up the premier.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. It took 4 months of work (I don't consider December as I couldn't touch the project at all at that time), but it was so worth it. I am very proud of what we accomplished, and I hope Fuu-san enjoyed it too.

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