Sunday, March 3, 2024

#Fulgur2Day: 2 Year Art Summary

#Fulgur2Day: Fulgur Ovid Art Summary by Kurohiko

Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Fuu-san and Comfydants!! I can't believe I've been in the Sheep Pile for 2 years! I didn't have anything new for the #Fulgur2Day Fan Appreciation Stream, so I purposefully submitted this when stream started.

...I obviously didn't understand the assignment, lol. I'm sorry, Professor Ovid.

That said, I didn't think I've had enough to complete the clock with only Fuu fan arts. I was planning to add Ovidia in there since I had a bunch of art pieces too, but surprisinly, there's not enough space! Also, I'm really happy with how much I improved in only 2 short years! I guess being inspired does that to a Fan Artist.

Here's to another year of drawing the old man! IKZ!!

Oh, and if you guys want to try this clock layout, please download it from Roika Elfili from Deviant Art.

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