Friday, June 15, 2012

I’m Sorry… I Love You.

I've always wanted to draw these two… they are my original characters from quite some time ago, when being a shoujo mangaka was the only thing in my mind.

Yes, I used to write love stories long before college ever came, but reading them now, they’re also so cheesy that I just want to rewrite everything again. OTL;;; Even the names are all in Japanese, so these two will remain “a girl and a boy” for now. The uniforms are new though, because I don’t want this to look like Sailor Moon anymore. xD

I wonder if I should work on this for Komikon or my new Doujinshi? The only thing stopping me with this is buying the hassle of buying the copyright… and the script too, of course. That needs a lot of work.

You know, there’s a reason why this image is cropped the way it’s cropped. ;3 Mwehehe~ I don’t have much free time, so the coloring is a little rushed, sorry! ♥

Someone suggest some names for me please? :3


  1. Hrm, do you have specific traits for the characters?

  2. I won't reveal too much here because that would give the story line away...

    So let's just say the girl likes sports and is a bit of a loner, while the boy was the nerd-turned-high-school-heartthrob. ;D

  3. I didn't particularly like the names, but Kevin and Edith kinda stuck. Hahaha~ Though I don't think it suits them.

    Is this ... traditional work?

  4. And is "I'm Sorry, I Love You" the official title. I really like it!

    Though there was also a korean drama with the same title....

  5. Erin for the girl and urm Michael?

    xD I dunno, first names that popped into my head.

    I always loved the name Sasha, can be for a guy or a girl.

  6. Misaki: Ahaha~ That's the problem when you know the working names. xD Can't think of new ones~

    It's photoshop, by the way. xD And I don't think I can use a title that's already... being used. Though the title of the post wasn't really meant for the title of the series. Possibly a line somewhere though?

    Azure: *_* Erin sounds cute!!! I've always loved the name "Michael" for a guy's name, but I have known and met 5 Michael's already... I suppose they wouldn't mind?

    Sasha sounds Russian? My professor wanted to name her daughter Anushka. xD

    Kittara suggested Dairus in dA for the boy. :3 I kinda like it too~ Because I initially thought of a "D" name for him, like Damian, Darien, or Daniel. x3

  7. :o Dairus or Darius? He looks like he can be a Darius (makes me think of the Persian King :D), I've never seen the first spelling though :o.

    Sasha is a European name, different spelling different area. I usually see Sasha, Sacha, Sascha, or Sasa (w/a little squiggle on the 's'). It's not really a full name, supposed to be the shortened version of Aleksander(a) (Alexander/a).

    I had a childhood friend who was Spanish mixed who was named Sasha :D and a friend in HS named Alexandru (Romanian) but his family called him Sasha.

  8. I thought the same regarding the spelling. xD Maybe Kittara typed too fast?

    How in the world does Alexander = Sasha? Ahaha~ I do think that's cute though... I'll probably use that for another character, because I always loved Alexander for a girl's name. :D

    I'm now down to Jeremy and Darius, ahaha. Someone suggested "Covos" for his last name. I wonder why? XDDD

  9. "Someone suggested "Covos" for his last name. I wonder why?"

    Was it Lei? nuu don't use that tsktsktsk xD use a more common name, at least one that has more then 80 people w/ the name in the US Dx

    I don't know how they got Sasha from Alexander though lol I do like Darius for your chara though :3

  10. Yes, Lei did it, haha~ Then Misaki said "KHOvos" lawl @_@;;;

    I'm so confused... I like Jeremy and I like Darius too. >.<;;;