Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP: Black Eri Miku

I’ve been meaning to continue my Vocaloid Cosplay series (remember Khyle Gakupo and Tori Kaito?), and this has been sitting in my hard drive since… forever? =A=;;;

work in progress 2012.06.06 - eri miku

What is with that pose anyway?!

Eri is the only one who has pigtails like Hatsune Miku, but she’s so serious that being Miku doesn’t suit her at all. I was contemplating with giving her the full Black★Rock Shooter costume, but I’ve recently found out that B★RS is not Miku at all.

Well, Eri really didn’t like wearing Miku’s official costume, so I gave her B★RS’ coat to go with it… She’s just gonna have to live with this until… well, until forever I guess. xD;;;

Now to get back to actually working for once. =u=;;;

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