Friday, June 1, 2012

Philippine Summer Komikon 2012: Aftermath

summer komikon goodies

I had to write about this sooner or later, and it’s better late than never, right? :)

Unlike last Komikon, I didn’t have to bring my books to the event, because both Karma and A.illusions have been published under Oh No! Manga. :D Unfortunately, we had a teeny booth, so Enjelicious and I weren’t really able to do sketch commissions like we planned.

summer komikon indies

That did mean that I was free to roam around as I pleased… which was not a lot because my backpack was still heavy with all the materials I brought along with me. =A=;;; But I was able to get my targeted indies like Callous Comics’ “On Lighter Dreams”, Sir Memer’s 4th “Cat’s Trail”, and Miss Joanah’s 2nd “Curtains for Hire”.

Oh look, Free Comic Book Day’s local issue. :D What a sweet score!

signed prints

Speaking of materials, these are prints of fan arts of my characters that I had signed during the event. :D I’m not showing them all off now, because I’m prepping them for my Wall of Fame. :3 Maybe I should have bought permanent markers, because Doc Carlo’s signature on the front looks the most awesome~ ♥
But the most awesome of all?

eri sketch by elmer damaso

I was one of the lucky people who scored a free sketch from Sir Memer himself! Waaah~ Eri looks so pretty! *_*;;; ♥ And I’m only showing the close-up shot for now, because this will look much better when it’s properly framed!

…ok, probably not literally “framed”, because I might be moving soon. And that means I’m bringing her with me and having her framed elsewhere. :3

Since my duties for the con were non-existent and my stomach was rumbling, I texted Misaki-chan whom I had promised to spend most of the day with to grab some lunch. Turned out, she and Suoh-san had other plans and kidnapped took me back to Ortigas. xD;;;

It was the first time I met Misaki and Suoh face-to-face, so it was a little more than nerve-wracking, honestly. =A=;;; My hands were shacking too much that I failed to beat the Uta☆Pri Pro stages like I promised Misaki. ;_;

kurohiko sketching sketch photo

I did feel bad about beating Misaki by 3 minutes in Sir Memer’s Contest. My work isn’t really much to show for, especially when I’m that nervous, but I sketched her a little something anyway.

In the end, it was me who got spoiled by Misaki and Suoh. Not only did they treat me to lunch and give me a ride, they also gave me these:

pastel from misaki

Creamy, sweet, deliciousness that I have now nicknamed “sticky buns” in my house. xD It’s a normal bun with some… I’d say mixed condensed milk and powdered milk on the inside? *q*;;; It was so good~ Me so gusta!!!

Oh, and there was one other surprised I didn’t expect… a little gashapon hiding the plastic bag of goodies~

sakura taisen gashapon

The minute I saw her hair, I knew it was Maria Tachibana from Sakura Taisen! *o*;;; dskfsdfl Waaah~ I’ve been after this figure for a while but never had any luck! I scored Sakura from Sakura Con 2004, while Iris was a birthday gift from my Uncle (who owns a Toy Museum), but but… now, my favorite characters are complete! TT___TT;;; Thank you so much!

Overall, Summer Komikon 2012 was a fun experience, even though it was a lot hotter than last Komikon. =_=;;; I need to get over my nervousness of people, because most of the things I wanted to say to Doc Carlo, Sir Memer, Sir Ilog, and Sir Kajo went out the door as soon as I was in front of them! I barely said anything to Sir Budjette too, and what in the world- Mazjojo is a guy?! *dies*

Luckily, I mustered up enough courage to greet, them, ask them for autographs, and give my Oh No! Manga debut work to a few people I look up to. Maybe my third Komikon will make me much more relaxed than the first two. :) Then I won’t freeze and look like a complete idiot next time. xD

See you guys again in October! ♥ Suoh, Misaki, Sui, I’m expecting those indies by then. x3


  1. Clicking on your links led me to learn that Callous Comics author is a doctor. Amazing! ^w^

    I also should blog abou my Komikon experience. Soon. XD

  2. Yes he is. xD And a voice actor too... Triple threat?! Gaaah~

    You know, this happened last Komikon too, but... I feel like I should have bought those Seimaden volumes. ;_; Uhuhu...

  3. Guilty of all three! ;)
    Though I haven't had a voice-acting gig in a year or so already. I guess I'm semi-retired from that. :)

  4. Oh hai Cal! Welcome to my little blog~ :3

    I want to try voice-acting! ;_; But even though I can imitate voices, performing in front of someone I don't know terrifies me to death. >.<;;;