Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rei and Flour

I’ll tell you an Oh No! Manga secret: Flour is actually Rei’s beloved daughter. >: And they got separated in Heaven because Rei’s was placed in the guiding humans department and Flour in the letter sorting department, so…

…kidding, I’m kidding! xD;;; They’re from 2 different series, so this is a crossover thingie. >u<;;;

I really love Flour. She’s so adorable and tiny… although Rei’s complaining why Flour’s bigger than her *cough* xDDD;;;

I'm not really sure what's going on with this piece. I just felt like drawing Rei patting Flour on the head. :3a It seemed appropriate somehow~ And as for the subtitle, I’ll let you guys figure out who’s saying that. ♥

Ok, time to get some real work done. xD


  1. Grabe ka naman. More like sisters! ^^

    If daughter, then who's the father?!? Dapat Oh-No Manga din! Nyehehe~

    As for who is saying the line, I think it's Rei. Just because I feel like choosing Rei. Hehehe~

  2. The father? Hrm... how about Jun from Better Boyfriend? xDDD *hides*

    So Rei's leaving Oh No! Manga? Oh No! xDDD (So corneeh~)

  3. Si Ice yung father tapos si Jun yung tito tapos si Ms President yung tita. Kapatid ni Flour si Yupi at si Tifa. Tapos lola ni Rei si Loaf tapos kapatid ni Loaf si Ibarra saka si Hazel. =w= that's Oh-No! Manga family tree!

  4. Can someone translate what Jayron said? I'd like to know this oh no manga family tree!

  5. Erk... uhm... I'll try. xD

    "Ice is the father while Jun is the uncle and Ms President is the aunt. Yupi and Tifa are Flour's sisters. Then Loaf is Rei's grandmother, who is also the sister of Ibarra and Hazel."

    That is... Loaf, Ibarra, and Hazel are siblings. I'm guessing Jun and Ice are brothers while Ms President and Rei are sisters. Whether Jun and Ms President are married or not is up for debate. xD

    Oh dear, my brain has been boggled. @_@;;; I didn't know Rei had three daughters! D:

  6. Since you've mentioned grandparents then who are Rei's mother and father?

  7. :)) I have no idea~! Hahaha... Maybe we'll find out some day. *u*;;;