Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rei Kuassary: Wings

Ok, ok, so I reused the theme from Feline Sisters with the swirls, roses, and stripes to create this piece, but I think this came out well with its own charm~! >.<;;;

It’s sad that you can’t really see the details of the hair and the feathers on this web version, but you’ll get to see the real thing in future anime events where Oh No! Manga is participating in. :)

Yep~ This will be a 33 inch x 84 inch piece that will be displayed in the Oh No! Manga booth. >u<;;; I heard that all the other titles will have their versions as well. I want to see! ;u; ♥

That is… if I made it in time. >.<;;;

I can’t wait to see this in Komikon next week. :D If everything goes as planned though, you’ll get to see this in Vocafusion this coming Sunday! Much earlier than me, because I can’t make it to Vocafusion, even if I wanted to. ;_;

How terrible… my artwork will get to see Jesuke and but not me. ;_; Why does Mall of Asia have to be so far away? Oh well… maybe she will buy my book and visit me here in my website, haha! ♥

If you see this in an anime event, please take photos with it and share it on my Facebook Page. :D I’d love to see my fans, if that’s ok with you guys. >.<;;;

EDIT: And after several days, I’ve just realized I made a fatal error on this piece. I might just keep this mistake and use it if future illustrations. =A=;;;

This is what I get for working without getting enough sleep! TAT;;;


  1. Thank you, but I will forever headdesk at my fail on this piece. T_T;;; And it's already printed! Waaahh...