Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chibi Hiiragi Gurumi

I’ve been meaning to make a Hiiragi Keiichi gurumi ever since I bought my gray crochet thread months ago. x3;;; And I was finally able to find the time (and patience) to make him last week!

He's about 2 inches tall and has taken up residence in my bedroom along with two other chibi gurumis I need to finish. ♥ I think he has the best looking hair so far, which is absolutely wonderful considering how fussy Hiiragi is about his hair. x3;;;

The only thing I’m sad about is his eyes… Hiiragi’s eyes are gray, but if I used the same thread as his hair, he wouldn’t look like he had eyes at all! His bangs cover his eyes partially, so it would be hard to distinguish, given that he’s so teeny. :3a

I would have taken a photo of him with a violin, but I only have a piano at home. =A=;;; Maybe I should buy a little violin charm for him? >u<;;;

Some people have been asking me for the pattern of this gurumi… I made this on my own, so I’m thinking about posting the pattern online, but my problem is I don’t read alpha patterns (those sc, loop, etc.)! I can only read drawn patterns, so I might have to take a crash course to give you guys a proper pattern! >.<;;;

…and my chibi gurumi doesn’t have arms, which might scare some people away. xD The hair’s free-style too. >.<;;; Do you see my dilemma of posting a pattern now?

Oh well~ I think I’ll make a Jun one next… :D


  1. :o cutecute, I haven't been checking my twitter so I saw it late xD

    The idea of using that small crochet thread to make a 'gurumi kind of makes me twitch though xD good job~

  2. The mysterious, disappearing act of Azuzu~ xDDD

    But small crochet thread makes them teeny-tiny and cute. >: And much easier to store than regular-sized plushies since they don't take up much room. xD

    They're still too large to be cellphone charms though. *_*;;;