Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIP: Curious Play?!

work in progress 2012.05.08 - pocky game

Almost done! I made a sakura (cherry blossom) brush just for this piece and it turned out really well! As I expected, the pink petals look good against the brown uniforms…

However, it would appear a certain someone’s compliment has affected me subconsciously (in a good way, I hope!)~ xD;;; Because after I put the finishing touches of this piece, I realized: This really does look like Fushigi Yuugi! m(o_o)m;;; I mean, I have to admit, Demyan and Rurik look like Suboshi and Amiboshi while Katrina could easily be Yui or Miaka! If that red ribbon was blue it could be mistaken for Fushigi Yuugi's seifuku

Oh my gulay, what have I done?! Originality, where are you? Ahaha~ orz;;;

Well, too late to turn back now. I just hope Kittara likes it! ♥

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