Friday, January 13, 2012

Uta☆Pri: Haruka x Masato?

What a depressing and gloomy artwork to the start the new year with, dear goodness gracious~ >.>;;; But ah, Hijirikawa-san, you really stole my heart. ;_; How you could be so serious and yet…

…of all the boys I had to fall for, it had to be the one with the strangest haircut. ;x; Maybe he reminds me of Hiiragi-sama? But no, the serious violinists are Syo and Natsuki! (Although Natsuki prefers Viola now? Not sure about that part yet.)

I need to learn Japanese so I can play otome games! Ah wait, I don’t really have time to play anymore do I? ;_; And Masato, what are you saying to Haruka anyway?! I want to know! ;o;

This was supposed to be a really quick sketch for a break from all that paneling… but it looks like I spent too much time on it again, as usual. Sigh… More sleepless nights for me.

EDIT: PFFT! Ok, Misaki-chan wins:

It's like he's in much pain, saying, "Why can't you be mine?"
And Haruka tearfully replies with, "I can't stand your hair..."

xD Yeah...

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  1. The best lines so far:

    "My heart beats only for you."

    "I wish... I was enough for you."

    "You are the one who opened the dam of my heart" <-- LOLOL brb, gonna die now. xD Thanks guys!