Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Karma: Chapter 2: Epilogue 4

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Hello again! Happy New Year! The mangaka forgot that January 1, 2012 was a Sunday, and so she forgot to update her website again! ;o; So pitiful!

So here we are with the 4th page of the epilogue! I have to admit, the term “head slap” game from Gibbs of NCIS. I remember him saying something like… “A slap on the face is an insult. A slap on (the back of) the head is a wake up call.” Shijirou needed to snap Tori out of his monologue, and before I knew it, there were chibis on the middle of the page I was drawing on! xD

Speaking of another kind of page, I’ve decided to make a Facebook Page for kurohiko.com’s 1st year anniversary! :D Now people will have an alternative means of getting my feeds whenever the site is updated!

Thank you so much for everyone’s continuous support on my webcomic endeavors! I will continue to do my best as we approach the year of the dragon! Everyone stay happy and healthy, alright? Go, go, fight, fight!

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