Friday, April 1, 2022

Happy Birthday, Zenny!

보고싶다 자기야 - Jagiya, I miss you so much. Whenever I notice that I'm feeling depressed, you're always the first character that comes to mind.

When life got so hard, I just told myself I was acting.
All this struggle is only practice. It’s just like practicing in a run down studio before a big show. I comforted myself like that, and it worked.
Try thinking that when things get hard for you. Right now, you’re just back stage. Soon, the curtains will open just for you.

I did take a leap of faith though. It is partially because of you that I had the courage to do that. I feel so proud, and I wish I could somehow tell you this in person.

Happy birthday, Jagiya... After all these years, I still love you so dearly. ♡

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