Sunday, March 11, 2012

WIP: Almost There!

work in porgress 2012.03.11 - school run with tori, demyan, and rurik

You can’t read it on the screenshot, but this piece took 60-something layers to make. xD;;; And I merged a few of them already too! It’s probably because I drew Tori and Rurik first, then added Demyan later, so they’re all “whole” so to speak. What I mean is, I can move Demyan (the one shouting at Tori) anywhere without compromising the final work.

I just need to add some final touches to this and then I should be able to post it later tonight. Seeing that I’ve already worked on this for two weeks, I really need to finish it so that I can work on other things too. @o@;;;

Oh, Rurik and Demyan are identical twins. Rurik is taller in this piece because he jumped off of… something. xD Besides, I thought it would look more interesting this way rather than have the twins at the same height.

I wonder what Demyan is shouting/saying anyway? xD;;; Lol~

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