Monday, March 12, 2012

Meme: Draw This Again

I am on a roll~ *rolls~*

Something quick and dirty that I finished soon after that awesome commission. I need to post this now because I will probably hate it in the morning and never show it to you guys. xD;;;

Get the blank meme from Bampire at Deviant Art!

You see, I’m not sure if this is really an improvement, because the one I just drew doesn’t even look like Rei Hino anymore! OTL;;; Looks more like Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin. =A=;;;

Not sure if want. orz;;; I can’t get myself to copy Sailor Moon’s style anymore. The huge eyes disturb me now, which feels like stabbing the artists in the back because I grew up copying their work and learning a lot about anatomy from them! Sailor Moon made learning anatomy fun when I was only a wee pre-teen! Granted, I made her eyes bigger than my usual style in the after piece, but still not big enough, wry~ =o=;;;

Still not sure if want. OTL;;; Takeuchi-sama, forgiveness please! ;o;


  1. Long live Sailor Moon!

    I love it :) She looks very elegant and mysterious. Very Rei ^^

    Though the first one is fabulous too :)

    P.S- (Somewhat related)They are still trying to decide what else to do with the series to celebrate the 20th Anniversary :D here's hoping for a re-release/re-sub or all the anime :D Blu-ray disk box set prease!!!
    Hope you've been getting your SM manga ;)

  2. Try as I might, I will never get Sailor Moon out of my head... The series lives resides in my blood, sweat, and tears! xDDD

    Uweh? They should... get artist all over the world to draw her or something.

    *would totally volunteer~*

    And I have not yet seen the re-released manga here in this country! =A=;;; I need to move to Canada ASAP. I want those SM manga!!!

  3. :D I was going to post a comment in the "Commission: School Run" post. ^^; I remember your drawings from the old forum years ago and I was just thinking about how much you've improved since then :D

  4. LOL! I'm trying to find all of my old stuff, but I think some of them got deleted from my HD. >: I wonder where the Kurapika 4 koma/manga went? ;_;